A Product Of Conscience In The Smoke-SMOK MORPH219

1. Appearance
The metal part of the body should be zinc alloy, power range: 1-219W, support 0.1-2.5 ohm resistance. The front of the main unit is a 1.9-inch touch screen. Most of the settings are done by touch. The above is a silver SMOK LOGO. The USB interface is installed at the bottom of the screen, similar to a metal decorative strip on a parallel four-sided row. The back and the frame are symmetrical to the front. In the middle of the quadrilateral metal decoration is a resin patch with red and black as the main color, which is more visually impactful.Smok Nord 2

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The corners around the top are relatively rounded, almost all positions have R angles, and there is no feeling of cutting hands when held in the hand. The switch of the battery compartment is placed at the bottom and adopts a push-pull buckle switch design. The gold-plated positive and negative electrode contacts can not only effectively prevent copper oxidation, but also have no problem with the conductivity performance. The installation direction is also clearly marked, and the compartment cover and the main unit are automatically popped open when they are pulled open by a spring-connected buckle.RPM80 Pro
2. Atomizer
The set is equipped with a TF atomizer with a height of 56mm and a diameter of 30mm. It has a 6ml oil storage capacity under the blessing of the fat bin. The overall color is the same as the main unit. After disassembly, it can be divided into 5 parts, drip nozzle and integrated top Cover, glass bin, atomizing core and base. The drip nozzle in Jewel tank the suit is made of resin this time. The inside has a slight slope to prevent condensation from entering the mouth. The color is also in line with the suit’s hue, and the outside touch is relatively warm. It is only used as a large smoke atomizer with a small diameter. The 510 interface can also make the taste richer. The oil-filling hole continues the press and unscrewing structure, and the white sealing rubber ring is placed on the top cover, which is a very mature structure.Q-ULTRA Pod

The installation location of the atomization core can be sealed by the rubber rings on the top and bottom of the atomization core. Since the diameter is much larger than that of the esmokvapor atomization core, the oil hole of the atomization core is not required, and the smoke oil will flow from the huge oil guide hole. It enters the interior and is absorbed by the cotton in the atomizing core. The thickness of the two glass chambers is intake rta  about 1mm, very smooth, without burrs, and very tightly connected with the top cover and the base. Two identical atomizing cores are included in the set, and the resistance is 0.25 ohm. The recommended power is 60-70W, and the huge oil guide port allows the cotton on the atomizing core to contact the smoke oil to the maximum extent and introduce the smoke oil to ensure that the oil is guided smoothly in the case of lung inhalation and does not stick to the core. For more e-cigarette information, please click: smok vaporizers


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