AEGIS Boost: Features and Review

The GeekVape¬†AEGIS Boost¬†vaporizer is among many vaporizers from the popular VandyVape lineup of excellent products. It’s the latest vaporizer from VandyVape to come and it’s also one of the most innovative products available. The AEGIS Boost has a larger LCD panel and has a dial with push buttons rather than a remote. This is used for adjusting the temperature.

aegis boost

One of the best features of this vaporizer is its adjustable airflow control. The AEGIS Boost utilizes a powerful lithium ion battery which can be charged from a wall outlet or even an automobile cigarette lighter. This vaporizer makes use of a smart two-step heating system which allows you to set a target temperature and then let the unit heat up to that temperature. You can also adjust the wattage, which can go up to a maximum of 2021 watts depending on your needs. It has a digital control and an automatic shut off feature.

To use the vaporizer, all you need to do is insert a preloaded wick into the bottom of the unit. On the exterior there are two screws that allow the airflow control to lock in place. There is a protective plastic cover which is easy to remove. There are also a wheel attached to the unit, which helps with filling the aegis boost.

Some vaporizers by VandyVape have a leak, or they don’t hold the entire wick. If this occurs, you can easily remedy it. There is a hole on the side of the unit which allows you to insert a replacement wick if necessary. To use the aegis boost, all you need to do is unscrew the wheels attached to the unit and fill the tank to the proper amount using the included pump. Then attach the jackaroo pod kit, put in the batteries, and attach the power cord.

There are a few features that make this the best portable vaporizer available today. It has a wide open adjustable airflow dial which allows you to adjust the level of vapor production easily. In addition, it has a large mouth piece which allows you to drink while you are vaporizing. The jackaroo pod kit is compatible with the Aegis Boost. Some other features include:

One of the most popular kits is the AEGIS Boost Portable Kit. It has a nice big mouth piece and a big button on the front which turn the power on. You can use the included charger to fully charge the AEGis Boost and use it anywhere you want. The kit also has a rechargeable voltagestick and a high wattage calculator. This model comes with a 1500mah battery and an adjustable airflow dial.

The AEGIS Boost has two modes, depending on what you would prefer. The first mode is the normal flavor which gives you a smooth delicious ejuice. You can also activate the turbo mode, which will produce a powerful kick. Using the turbo mode, the AEGIS Boost runs at a maximum output for thirty seconds. You can also use the variable airflow dial to customize the amount of vapor produced by the mod. If you are worried about the battery running out, you can simply replace the battery.

The best part about these box mods is that they are completely portable and require no wiring to your computer. They are made out of a thick durable case that is built out of high impact plastic. The outer skin is textured and has two adjustment buttons which are located on the side of the AEGis Boost. Overall, the AEGIS Boost has a lot of great features that make it stand out from other battery based airsoft products on the market.