AEGIS Boost VS GeekVape – Price, Quality and Features

The new AEGIS vaporizer from VandyVape is the AEGIS Boost. This vaporizer from VandyVape combines the heat and vapor producing capabilities of a sub-Ohm dual battery system with the ability to use a standard heating plate. It’s a unique product that offers a more advanced method for heating the e-juice than other vaporizers on the market. The AEGIS Boost is a great choice for those who enjoy the flavor of vaporized e-juice but don’t want to make a mess of using a heating plate or a traditional vaporizer. The AEGIS Boost is extremely easy to use, even for a new user.

aegis boost

The AEGIS Boost utilizes the same technology used in the original AEGIS vaporizer by VandyVape, the GeekVape AEGIS Boost. The AEGIS Boost is one of several vaporizers of this line of electronic devices. The AEGIS Boost features a larger LCD screen and comes with a handy remote control with push buttons and a clock-like dial for temperature adjustment. The AEGIS Boost has a variable airflow option that can be adjusted with a press of a button. Some models of the AEGIS Boost have a built-in battery life indicator.

The most basic model of the AEGIS boost comes with a plastic thermal pad that can be used to heat a container of e-juice. The aegis boost is a small and compact vaporizer that is very easy to use. This is the perfect vaporizer for someone who is not looking for a large electronic device and doesn’t need a lot of power.

The vaporizers from VandyVape are a little more advanced than the AEGIS boost. These vaporizers are powered by two different sets of batteries. The first set is powered by a standard nine-volt battery. The second set of batteries will be used when the nine volt battery dies out. VandyVape sells its own battery for these vaporizers called the GeekVape AEGIS Boost Battery Sets.

One of the biggest differences between the two vaporizers is how the aegis boost is vented. With the aegis boost, the vapors are vented through the bottom of the unit. On the geekvape aegis boost models, the vapor is not vented at all. Instead the vapor comes out of a hole on the bottom of the unit. This allows the user to have a much easier time cleaning out the bottom of their vaporizer.

Both of these vaporizers come with a user manual. The aegis boost comes with a much larger user manual than the aegis battery does. The user manual includes a lot of information about the product and the way to care for the product as well as a link to the company’s own website. The user manual also includes a list of replacement parts for the AEGIS Boost.

Another difference between the two units is that the aegis has a much larger battery than the geekvape aegis boost. When comparing the two, it is noticeable that the aegis battery has a much longer warranty than the geekvape unit. This is due to the fact that the aegis battery is considered a hand held device that must be handled regularly in order to avoid damage to the device. Also the hand held nature of the aegis allows for a much longer warranty period because of the fact that there are less moving parts in the hand held design of the aegis battery. Also because of the long warranty and fewer moving parts in the AEGIS Boost, the aegis battery is considered to be a more expensive product than the battery from the geekvape unit.

In general the aegis boost kit comes with everything you need to get your electronic juices flowing as fast as possible. They both Vaporizers with a wide variety of different types of tanks and coils. The aegis boost has a bigger price tag but it will last longer and generally perform better than the a Geekvape Kit. The aegis boost kit comes with a long battery life but you will have to spend a little bit more money in order to get a quality aegis boost kit. Because of the differences in the overall quality of the vaporizers the kits are a very close comparison.