Can the elderly quit smoking with Vape?

1. What is vape?
It is mainly used to quit smoking and replace cigarettes. It has a similar taste to cigarettes, and even has a lot more flavor than ordinary cigarettes. It can also suck out smok, smell and feel like cigarettes. Vape does not contain other harmful ingredients such as tar and suspended particles in cigarettes. Manufacturers also believe that vape does not have diffuse or lingering second-hand smoke. It should be noted that vape does not have the effect of clearing lung toxins, and the statements about vape’s ability to clear lungs are all false and illegal propaganda.
2. Can the elderly really quit smoking with vape?
Smoking not only poisons smokers, but also poisons those around them through second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke. For this reason, mankind invented eleaf  vape (also known as electronic atomizer) to replace cigarettes and assist smoking cessation. Vape is mostly made into cigarettes. It contains nicotine, propylene glycol and some spices, which produces a cigarette-like taste, but does not contain harmful tar and suspended particles, and does not produce second-hand smoke. Although vape has a certain significance for people with severe addiction, the authoritative health agency believes that its role has yet to be confirmed, and doctors also pointed out that it has addiction problems.

The use of ijoy vape has not been supported by appropriate clinical trials. The World Health Organization (WHO) also holds a similar view, but does not deny that vape may help to quit smoking.
Thousands of chemical components are emitted after cigarettes are lit, many of which are toxic to humans, including 10 major carcinogens. In contrast, vape has only one toxic ingredient, nicotine, and does not produce obvious second-hand smoke, so it is easily accepted by the public. The nicotine of vape is unsafe, highly addictive, and can also increase blood pressure and increase atherosclerosis, although the nicotine of vape seems to have less cardiovascular effects than cigarettes.
Although vape has certain benefits in relieving addiction, it cannot meet the needs of severe addiction. And as long as the vape contains nicotine, it is still not a healthy product.
Therefore, the elderly can use vape as a means of quitting smoking, but beware of addiction. Elderly people should first know that vape itself cannot quit smoking, but vape can replace cigarettes. When you want to smoke, you can use timesvape instead, so that you can reduce your contact with cigarettes as much as possible. And slowly control the body’s absorption of nicotine, gradually reduce the dependence on nicotine, and finally achieve the goal of quitting smoking. This is the principle of vape smoking cessation and the smoking cessation theory of “Nicotine Replacement Therapy” recommended by the World Health Organization.
Knowing whether the elderly can quit smoking with vape, the editor reminds you that it is best ciga for the elderly to quit smoking as soon as possible for their health. The best way to quit smoking is to rely on their perseverance.

Uwell Caliburn Review:Vape Pod System Starter Kit 520mAh 2ml

Vapeciga Caliburn new design comes in a cardboard box classic color well this scheme – black and gold – and has a sketch on the front of the device. On the back of the box, we have a table of contents, please, contact information and age limit nicotine and the manufacturer’s warning required by law.


Inside the box, we have a small vaporizer pod Caliburn Koko sitting on the seat Styrofoam and a small box containing all accessories included – booking USB micro-rechargeable pod, cable, chain manual loading and metal can be used as a lanyard for the device. If you used the drive system VooPoo pod Nano, who know the kind I’m talking about the chain.


Caliburn and Koko Design and build quality

new pod Caliburn Koko aluminum alloy and plastic, weighs very little and only measures 67mm x 43mm x 12mm 33g, which is one of the smaller, lighter vaping devices.


The only difference between the original design and remarkable variations Koko Good Caliburn. While the former has a classic wand design is a rectangle. It is as if they were cut Caliburn two side pieces and set aside to create a model of Koko. So they decided to make it very clear to me, as a simple design change does not explain the need for a different model of the highly successful device.


Koko comprises an aluminum housing with plastic lid and bottom pods and load. Koko mark stamped on both sides of the device, as if someone might be confused with the first generation of Uwell Caliburn KOKO show new, but apart from the mark, all other elements are minimal. There is a small battery indicator LED on the narrow side of the device, a small hole is used as an air inlet, a micro-USB port and a pair of vent holes at the bottom and the hole where the cable is connected.


If used Caliburn Well, you know that Koko uses exactly the same, only with blue red nonbasic. In fact, they come with a 1.2Ω 1.4Ω coil relative to the original. So they are technically not quite the same, but they are perfectly interchangeable what he meant. So if you have an old and want to take Caliburn POD Koko is more, it can be used with it. Even with the original Caliburn users who just want to try a new pods 1.2Ω.


Caliburn peas like last year, Koko has a system of filling the top is very simple but effective has two holes on each side of the central axis of the air. You must first remove the black funnel for access to the charging port, you can do to make it with a little energy. Be sure to use the two holes during filling, using a thick juice can cause one side of the flood, while others remain completely dry. In fact, the pods are on the thin side, and the center of the head coil can prevent juice to move from side to side of the sheath.


Pods Caliburn Koko contains up to 2 ml of fixing the e-liquid and is Koko battery by applying pressure in the funnel until it locks in place. Although the tank on the battery itself has a thin on one side where you can see the level of window types of juice. It can be a little hard to see from time to time the juice, however, so I recommend just left pod and check if you have juice in it.


Battery Caliburn Good Koko

Although the context seems bigger, that Caliburn Koko has exactly the same battery capacity than the original system Caliburn pod Well – 520 mAh. Compared with modern pod mods as sheath systems, including advanced and Orion or goal uwell nunchaku click in, or lost, but rudimentary Pasito vaporizer vaporizer sheath, not bad for the set.


It would still be nice to see a slightly improved battery capacity, I will not lie. LED indicator flashes green when the battery is more than 60 percent full, blue when it is more than 30 percent of its capacity and red when you are really exhausted. When the light flashes 10 times quickly the battery and back, it is time to recharge.


The Caliburn Koko 1A charging rate, which is excellent, but worth it for the vaping device input range. Also Cupe-vaporizer while charging technology, which means that you will be able to use it as a gateway.


How do Caliburn Koko Well vaporizer?

The Caliburn Caliburn Koko is essentially different form pods that uses the same style, so there is not much difference in performance between the two vaping devices. Of course, the more Caliburn-activated manually, while Koko has a switch activated by drawing a new vaporizer-pod is equipped with a coil resistance is lower, but the difference is not much difference.


The Caliburn Well Koko offers the same excellent performance as the older brother; exceptional flavor, steam production is above average for this type of Vaping devices and the battery life is not so bad. But for me, the most important feature is the ability MTL. This is not as strong as Vladdin RE, for example, but if you prefer the nose to the lungs a little loose, I think Koko Caliburn is the equivalent of a zero bright Renova.



Koko is a valuable addition to the family of Caliburn Well pod systems, but in my opinion, is not considered if you do not already have the original Crown pods get code. The different form factors and controlled switch does not actually buying a second in my opinion is justified, because it can be purchased separately 1.2Ω and use with older devices. Make no mistake, Caliburn Koko is as good as his older brother, but was too similar, and because he was not impressive anymore.


Caliburn simple elegant slim AIO (all in one) kit square pod, which means that no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but sold separately and coils integrated in the nacelle so as to replace the entire Renova or Innokin EQ zero sheath. Intelligent design is very similar to mid sheath. This is a very small and easy to pocket. No air adjusted so that most of the pods. It’s not much, but it was cold when the pods have adjustable air, but not really the norm today is not only an advantage to having. It has an average capacity of 2 ml (TPD if consistent). Recorded in 520mAh battery (at Caliburn) and a direct output device and 1.2 ohm resistor and that the list 11 watt max According Well but prudent mathematical 11.09 watts, depending on battery power. It has an integrated USB charging, which surprisingly did not record the level of charges or else to do. I checked with USB meter line and the level of fees it charges for maximum .76A close enough to have a 1A rating, but .75A-.8a would be better for me and more than adequate for drum sizes . It is total cost of approximately 60 minutes. As for battery 556mah size so no complaints. Specification is recorded and just over Caliburn even if they have the same value. Passthrough vaping and most (breaking load) if u can hit while charging. by advanced drip it belongs and is part of the vehicle itself, but removable to fill me explain a little.


The vapeciga Uwell Caliburn Pods very well built, but also very light. Weighed shell 27G and 35G with full pod. They 33g are recorded with the empty case. Chat wise have a matte black, which is the body with bright koko logo on the side. I think that nice and simple, and does not show signs of wear eitherl. No complaints or wear paint. Pods attached to the battery and the magnetic system easy to get in and out and adjust so there is a very good job and fit well with any movement or play. To remove the sheath removed simply. The filling is very good and the best I’ve found on a boat. To comply remove the pod and pop out of drops tips are easy to make and faces two large holes filling, Thea majority large enough for a bottle good teeth into the hole and fill easily and vents. Then, when filled pop is dropped downstream. It is easy to complete.


The usage is quite simple. There was only one fire breathing apparatus buttonless is a big difference between that and Caliburn has a fire button and the two options. I have no problem with the air sensor at all or misfire. LED on the bottom before Pinhole and LED enough light to see, but not really when vaping. Fortunately, it stays for a few seconds after inhalation so you can easily check the load. When the color vaping lets you know the battery. Green means a total of 60%, blue and red means a 30-60% means that 30% or less. Very good metro and fairly standard in most pods, but in step 4 would be fine, but it’s being picky. pod cover, but also clear and there was a small window of juice from a cut on the side so it’s pretty easy to see the level of juice. The window could be a little bigger, but again I’m picky. It is also easy to get out and look. 2 of my biggest complaints about the visibility of the dark color of juice and had no windows and the juice of this device does not make mistakes, so I have to give credit.


performance and details of the coil

The Caliburn Well Koko Pod Kit comes with two large pods. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There is only one choice of coils is 1.2 ohm coils. No wire material specification or a good bit. But you can also use Uwell Amulet Vape show new 1.4 Ohms teeth, which turned out to be great too. Use both modules included. I use all 50/50 and 60/40 nic juice salt 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. The draw is the solid MTL. It is not super hard but not too loose. A little tighter then most of the pod I tried. Flavorwise has the flavor was nice. This level in a way some of the best flavors of the sheath can offer today. Very similar and the reader just push, maybe a little better than Caliburn pods. He also tried to thin chain vaping and low power in watts means do not use a lot of juice. Wise coil alive is quite impressive. For such a device, generally I am looking 10ml, as a minimum requirement, and all there is an advantage. For my first roll of 40ml I met him before his death lived silly. I found the other coil 20 ml through it and still works well, so yes very impressed by the life of the coil. I also use Caliburn OG coil on it to make sure it works since I was using my Caliburn and buy more coils and works very well. Overall a great flavor and a good balance and a life of the coil and consistency.



colors (4 in total)

The average capacity of 2 ml

Good quality battery

Simple beauty

right size for easy transport

a good note for the battery size

the cost is quite fast (60 minutes)

a great taste for monodosis System

Pods are easy to remove and install

easy to fill (a method that fills in a pod)

vaping gateway

LED battery meter is easy to see because it still is after a blow

Fireworks breathe well fires

the battery life is pretty good

clove and windows clear juice

battery meter good enough

living large coil

2 teeth

Vapeciga Uwell Crown 4 compatible with nails


Window juice can be, I guess a little more

Additional steps in the battery meter would

They must record the amount of expenditure


So with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like as hard or not, and this I have to lean toward him pretty heavy. Honestly, I am against ticky tacky and quite definitely not all I can complain about this device. Everything worked as it should. They are the most important part, which is the right to life and the direction of the coil. They also handle most of the complaints I have with others, such as colored pods filling method, it is difficult to remove the pods, no juice etc.The Caliburn window remains one of the best in the teeth and cocoa market they are as good if not a little better. Great followed by a great device. I added to my CER below the associated spreadsheet, you can check if you are in the market for anything.

You can buy here:Uwell Vape pod

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Review for Uwell Caliburn :Best Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Starter Kit

The vapeciga Caliburn has a capacity of 520mAh battery and 2 ml sheath. Pods uses flavors of Pro-Focs Well patented technology that is said to improve the flavor and provide a more pleasant operation.

After so long, nah Caliburn worth? Or maybe your new device? Read on to find out!

Fill the box ContentsUwell Caliburn Box
1 x Pod system well Caliburn
Pod cartridge 2 x Caliburn
1 x Cable MicroUSB
1 x Manual
110mm x 21mm x 12mm
520mAh battery
output 11W
teeth replaced
the ability of the sheath
Trigger or tie

Design and build quality

One of the main reasons why they love both the design Caliburn. It seems simple, but fresh, and it was nice to hold and spray. Caliburn reach dimensions 110 mm x 21 mm x 12 mm. He was tall and thin to keep it low and vaping what is really comfortable and natural. You can throw in your pants pocket or even a shirt pocket and hardly believed.

“Caliburn” printed on the front and “good” printed on the back. There are two paths that have developed in each “corner” of Caliburn up and down. These lines correspond to the band on the platform to provide an elegant style Caliburn. Caliburn probably more than you would if it was just.

The Vapeciga Caliburn KOKO  is made of aluminum alloy and, therefore, is a very lightweight device. It is still very robust and very durable. Because the device is almost entirely smooth if I fell off a wooden floor several times the height and concrete. Besides a few small bumps and scratches he is always looking and works well.

You can get Caliburn in six different colors. Five of them are solid colors and one of them fade from pink to purple to blue. Chatting in the garbage of the black unit checked me with a few scratches and dings fall. It is not easily scratched or the paint will not rub or scratch easily. However, the lower edge of Caliburn I got a little paint comes from the position of all types of surfaces.

You can press the power button / light spray or simply draw on the mouthpiece. The Caliburn has a second button is activated and make shots you will use the one that is. trigger buttons are well made and take a little pressure to activate. Do not move or move.

Just under bright lights power button / LED. It is red to indicate the battery level of green light, or blue. LED each time you take a draw or press the shutter button.

On each side of the unit is a small part of the display window eJuice sheath. When the car has these parts sitting in the window so you can check your level eJuice without having to remove it. a transparent window which is very easy to see inside.

Caliburn pods standards fixed by the magnet and snap. You have to press hard enough to get a pod click the battery. After clicking on the pod where it outcrops no movement or movement. You can also use Caliburn Caliburn cloves with Koko, but do not click on a pile of cloves standard Caliburn. Koko Caliburn gear bind with magnets alone. I still think free movement and remains attached to the housing Caliburn as good as ever.


Nunchaku show new may contain up to 2 ml eJuice. two identical parts are obtained in a box having an integrated coil 1.4ohm. These pods replaced which means that you can not change the coil. Once the car is used / burned must replace the entire pod. It is suitable for those who just want a simple device that can fill and start using.

You can also use Caliburn Caliburn teeth with Koko. 1.2ohm teeth and a red base (standard capsule Caliburn black background).

The air stream is introduced into the container through holes in the side of the small stream of air Caliburn. This air stream then passes through the hole in the bottom of the nacelle.

Funnel on the side of a nacelle on both sides and adapted to the vaporizer. functions funnel sheath and the filler cap. You have to pull the plug to access the fill port, but hard to get the plug. Hat toward the side of the support, but in general they are difficult to remove.

Once the lid, you will see three holes. the center hole does not fill the hole so do not put here eJuice or flood the coil! You can fill the capsule using an external holes. Fill the hole, the other holes allow air to escape to make it easier to fill.

Even with the air outlet, you must fill the pods slowly. Because the coil is in the center of the car, not evenly distributed eJuice unless the slope of the pods. Pod eJuice tilt will occur on the opposite side. If loads too fast, eJuice fill one side of the hole and then use the outlets. Funnel cover enough back end / pressure in the nacelle.

ChargingUwell batteries and LED Caliburn
520mAh battery Caliburn. Fully charged, Caliburn did not last long vaping. This is only 11W output that uses very little battery for each drawing. On average, I have about 3 refills per charge.

LED below the power button indicates the level of battery charge. There are three colors:

Green: 100-60%
Blue: 60-30%
Red: less than 30%
You can press the shutter button once to check the battery level or when blown with LED lights also attract activation.

Micro USB. Fast charging if the charge is used Uwell Crown Pod click in takes only 45 minutes to go from dead to full charge. It also has an impact load so you can vaped at this price.

PerformanceUwell Caliburn 1
The vape Caliburn solid. Koko Caliburn pods and pods that offer the same draw; MTL loose air, but no tie. If you like MTL pull so tight it may not be the camera for you.

Caliburn standard pods provide a big hit with salt NIC mg 50. Slot steam heating, but not hot and very nice. taste very good and lived up to all the hype that is out there. steam production more than expected from the device 11W.

Koko Caliburn pods providing an experience that is very similar to a standard platform. However, because 1.2ohm gears, steam a little hotter. It was still hot, but hotter than standard platform. The taste and the same cloud and good production wells.

To draw a very hot pods using Caliburn Koko, just pull up the heat using a standard pod.

steam generation, hot taste and it all started to deposit the mold battery. The Caliburn is not a constant output device, so it is expected. Once the battery until the red color to attract much smaller, so they tend to be filled once at this level.

None of cloves or flight gave me problems in my tests. I mainly use the 50/50 salt NIC, but I use eJuice 60VG time. Regularly takes a long time gives good Caliburn Pods get code chain and have never hit a dry place or even close. The absorption of the sheath is very good and is not a problem.

I used each pod about a week and a few refills a day and still going strong. pod life is definitely a strong point of this system.

flexible energy
Bo One, an elegant choice when vaping well Caliburn (The same is true for almost any type of device housing anyway). a variable temperature control and power the right of the window instead, leaving you with a fixed ceiling 11 watts of power.

Caliburn well support one type of coil at the time, but it would be nice to see more options on the phone, as a kind of resistance coils or maybe even different types of material less as a ceramic coil .

both individual nozzle Caliburn
Caliburn hot coilsEase of Use
Most types of capsules based on similar mechanisms for the load of the car, but Caliburn made some improvements, but enjoy the process towards a more user-friendly experience. Specifically, as well Caliburn has a high load where the tip fall is also a cover port nacelle.

What this means in the long run is that you do not have to remove the basket of the basic kit for a refill (which most devices require through the fill port is at the bottom). This also makes each of the pods Well vapeciga uwell amulet much less prone to leakage.

Good Caliburn also shines through its application both a physical button and a chance of shooting to allow the sensor to activate the device, which gives you more options that control how it relates to the freezer.

Caliburn well shielded housing
With the dimensions of 110 mm Caliburn good dose of 21.2 mm by 11.6 mm, it is easily one of the most compact devices in the market, regardless of class or electrical assistance. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the rocks Good nominal Caliburn 520mAh internal battery, nearly two times more likely to Pax Juul.

2 ml capacity may not seem pods and liquid always match the capacity of larger mods and more powerful, but the low output device, 2 ml is sufficient to obtain even more often for a full day.

flat screen and Caliburn

The Caliburn some areas that could be improved, but generally solid. Vaporizer If you are looking for a MTL tight loop, then you want to look at other devices. But to get loose MTL, which will certainly be a pleasure Caliburn.

Vapers beginners will appreciate the ease of use, while more experienced vapers still enjoy the taste and long lasting battery that provides Crown 4 uwell show new. VAPE nic salts, which Caliburn certainly one of the best gadgets you can get even today.

Drawing or unlock the keys
Super easy to use
Very good quality
very light
Good taste
Cost is only 45 minutes
longevity sheath
no leak
throat hit is about 50 mg salt nic
filler cap is difficult to remove
Lower drag whenever the battery is low (there is a constant output)
MTL operates not enjoyed by all
fill up too quickly can lead to disaster
Check the price
Last year, hundreds of new pod chip released. All have tried to give the best flavor of the channel system. Some of them were great, but some of them are really awful.

Throughout all of this new version of the vaporizer boat, camera speak as a “pod vape” – the Caliburn good. The Caliburn has been for some time, but always in high demand due to build great quality and taste.

The Caliburn and pods are long, and the flavors develop. Caliburn can easily recommend Yet even with all the new options available.


You can buy here:uwell

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uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Pod amulet Crown 4 review

Well I received Caliburn KOKO of the purposes of this review.


The color of the Well:


– money

– Black

– blue

– Purple

– Red




– Size: 47.4mm x 32.5mm x 83.7mm

– Material: zinc alloy, stainless steel and PC

– Battery type: Double 18650/20700/21700

– Power range 5-200W


In the frame:



– Mangas battery (included in the battery compartment)

– Micro USB Cable

– User’s Guide


nunchaku mod knowledge are powered by two batteries and this model works 5W – 200W. mod good build quality, everything seems right. In the MoD, you can see the back “Well” and in front of the mod, you can see “Evdilo”. This mod is compatible with two 21700 batteries were very good in my opinion. Since the model is powered by two batteries of 21700 size device are very good, the dimensions of this device is 47.4mm x 32.5mm x 83.7mm. I can say this is the most comfortable of all the comforts 21700 dual mods I’ve tried so far, the MoD is really convenient to use.


From the top you can see the mod connection placed in the center, the thread here is good and I had no problem, spring pin 510. Connections slightly raised here have plated a very good gold in my opinion, because the mod will not be removed from atomizers. This mod can use atomizers 30 mm in diameter without false which is really good.

Mod of the back, you can see the battery cover on the bottom of the mod, you can see the part that locks the battery cover. The battery cover has little play, you can move with your finger and a little, this could be a disadvantage for someone. I can say that can replace the battery here is very easy, you can easily remove the battery cover, you can recover very easily. If the battery cover is removed, you can see how marked batteries inside. As I said this mod is compatible with 21700 battery that was really great in my opinion. In the package, you will receive 18650 battery adapter so you can use the 18650 battery if you want, I use here because I like the battery 21,700 21,700 batteries.


On the front of the mod, you can see the shutter button, the screen, the less buttons and a USB port. shutter button is highlighted and is dislocation, so far it works very well. Given that the shutter button on the front side mod comfortable to use. More and buttons they are not as good in my opinion. We do not have a USB port c idiot here for somebody. We do not have a color display here but the screen is very good, the screen brightness is good and you can see everything that is good on the screen.


You can enable and disable the device when the shutter button is clicked 5 times. When the device starts in power mode on the screen, you can see:


– Power

– W

– V

– Resistance

– hour

– The battery indicator


To change the working mode, you need to click 3 times on the shutter button and you can choose between supply and TCR mode. You can lock the device when you click the button and shot less and you can only block plus and minus buttons when you click the button and the shutter button.


My spirit:


Well so mod Uwell Crown Pod  are very good in my opinion, the design is very good. Since this mod is compatible with 21700 battery, I can say that this mod is very convenient to use, more comfortable with mod 21,700 batteries in my opinion. In this mod, you can use up to 30 mm diameter atomizers are very good. I love connections are a bit high and because the fire button mod rock and buttons will not scratch more and less are good, so far no problems. We have all kinds of USB c here that could be a disadvantage for someone. The screen is very nice and you can see everything that is good on the screen. The battery cover is good but there is a small game that could be a disadvantage for someone. This mod is compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries were really good in my opinion. I like to use a 21700 battery here. mod is not very good, so far have had no problems. If you like double mods 21,700 Of course, I would advise a model because it is really one of the best mods 21700 in my opinion, works very well and it was used really convenient.


Well 4 ohm secondary crown of the tank using standard tip 510 drops that can use your account to erase no adapters 810,510 mode only. Dripping Council does not have to be an O-ring as the friction adjustment does not work so be sure to select the 510 has its own signet ring it if you want to replace. You can also use 3 crown fine tips. Delrin is advanced with metal ring in black attached to the bottom. nice appearance and a little talent, but different from normal resin, we see today that some may like the simplicity and resin. All topics in this excellent tank. This is a very good reservoir built with good quality. coil system is pop style coil system as the third crown for slipping on the base. Just in his dressing room. It should be close to half empty tank in exchange coil. The airflow is 3 equally spaced large holes in the bottom. That’s a lot of air, easily done in Caliburn Pods. AFC is smooth and easy to adjust even the blessing of good mod for lumps in it and was at the top. Fill quite easily, so good size filling hole 4 and easy to fill with all kinds of bottles and can be poured into a glass bottle if you pay attention. The top of the stuffing with about 90 degrees to blow a great style, but with a crown 4 and the top and be a very slippery think even with blows cover part in it really difficult to manage and enter grave. It is because the largest and cover such time add a little texture to knurled to make it easier to understand. It is equipped with a tank capacity of 5 ml standard and the capacity of the reservoir bubble 6 ml.


Performance Coil

Now for the important stuff. How vape? It was supposed to be 4 options coils in all, I signed 3 as one of the four, who were listed as SS304 mesh coil seems to be so sure that this is something in the future or something that they would then n . “anyway I will focus on are available 3 options are, SS904L double coil 0.2ohm -. rated 70-80W, Ganda 0.4ohm SS904L coil – rated for 60-70W and 0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 coil – qualified for 60- 70W. comes only two coils choice is 2 SS904 mesh coil selection and coil. however, because the popular mesh these days and is better ohms secondary tank (not repairable lol) have bought a packet network . reel to also try the other coil SS904 that can be used in the TC mode assuming you have a mod that’s good for her (note: not all mods with control works very well temperature) did a post on its use in TC mode here, but the short answer is a TCR specific value should be mod 85. started with 0.4 ohm coil SS904. deent was only good for the taste and the best in the range of 70-75 watts so ranking well in the coils and little underestimated because normally we are Well, but I prefer many large companies on their reels. life is pretty good too, I met with 90 ml before his death. This is a bonus can be used on CT, but unfashionable who want to use the TC in the tank coil precast much better there. Then mesh coil i purchased separately. I found the best around 70-75 watts than the other coil so that once again a bit underrated, but good overall score. The taste is very good for a 70-watt coil mesh. Quite similar, but not as good as the coil uwell amulet networks 60-65 watts so the same range. This is an advantage if the tank has a capacity of 6 ml of 2 ml capacity and not as thus less filling fireluke networks. Wise living again, I am so 90mls consistency on the reel. In general, a player who is very good with coil VAPE networks to 70 watts, and a viable option for TC with the coil without mesh.


Appearance: Bright, … like …. but the decor is a nice little logo and the ever elegant crown vibe.As you can probably tell by the pictures, someone really likes blue, I ‘I used a photo image when booking for the mod that has seen serious abuses because here are given. good form factor, which is much greater than 18650 and a good bit smaller than the usual double your battery changes. The screen is quite minimalist and there is much better out there, but it is clear enough to read daylight.The shutter button has a crown logo extrusion gives a good feeling and it’s nice and dislocation.


Use: The Crown 4 uses a very simple menu myself a Teslacigs used in their mods remembers. Five clicks to activate as usual and will be greeted by “Well” on the screen, click to highlight the three modes and change through + -. There is a power mode, which is mainly for SS904 SS904 Corona Deposit secondary coil, I have not done, and TCR. Keep the + and – keys to change the screen orientation, the fire continued and – to block things, or fire was arrested and lock buttons + and -. Aaaaand the menu is simple indeed.


Mind / Experience: Whenever I have in my hands, I’d swear it was a little bigger in my mind that this should be done with the door mirror finish. I like the form factor and must match one in most and disgusting, I can not comment SS904 mod, because I have a tank in ohms for testing.


Over time, a lot produces about Crown 4 uwell. He survived freezing night in the woods after being lost and finally found me and the dog. I have to clean some ants in recharging RTA who sat in Corona 4, but the model has no damage. Of course, I checked everything, especially the battery after the incident. impressive quality construction Well here, this mod is in constant use, as you can see in the picture, but nothing bad Jumped with everything.


There is a small criticism wonder with him, however, it does not seem like a particular battery. I took all pairs VTC5 and 30Q are mine, but you will receive two pairs of Hg2 still use, but throw in the coming weeks. The battery works in all other mod my own, I do not know what causes here because I do not see the difference in size with a digital caliper. But since it was the only problem carnivores happy.




– The battery cover has to play a little

– No c USB




– Good build quality

– I like the design and dimensions of the mod

– Convenient to use

– Compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries

– shot button plus and minus buttons that good

– Good display brightness

– Easy to replace the battery

– atomizing a diameter of 30 mm

– Easy to use

– Start a slightly elevated to prevent scratching the top of the MOD


You can buy here: uwell


This is Uwell Vape pod Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Amulet Crown 4 review

I received a talisman Uwell Caliburn KOKO the purpose of this review.

specifications and features well talisman:

– Dimensions: 47.7 x 37.5 x 17.2 mm
– Main ingredients: PCTG, polycarbonate, silicone
– E-juice Capacity: 2 ml
– Battery capacity 370mAh Create
– Output: 10W Max
– Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm

– monodosis style system is the first to see the world
– Rechargeable 370mAh 2ml and nacelle
– Compatible with e liquid nicotine and salt
– the design of the load down
– extract air mechanism is activated
– Support Micro-USB charging
– Only Pro-Focs Taste test technology
– Extend the life of the anti-dust system
– Some system protection features to ensure stability, security and reliable performance

In the box:

– Well talisman system pod kit
– Micro USB cable
– Manual

uwell nunchaku is the first system pod Well you can set your watch.

When I received this device and once I tried it, I liked the idea, so I can say that this is a device that is very interesting. Due to the design this device you can carry this device with you always and will always have her under his supervision system pod, but also because the device is so small you can not use a belt system shirt if desired. Quality construction, so far everything looks pretty good, looks good quality color also because after a few days of using these devices every day a new color look like a very good deal.

Since this system is a type of capsule shows, let me start with the bracelet, silicone and so far looks good. You can pretty much easy to put in hand and there is no possibility that it might accidentally fall over. Honestly, I really like the design, I like the way he looks in my hands, but this is very subjective.
On the bracelet you can see the slot for the pod system. In slots, you can see the part containing the gondola system in place and there is no possibility that the system may drop pods, standing perfectly in place. Also in the slot where you can see the top of the funnel and because they leave room for powder funnel can not enter into a funnel which is really good. External slot You can see the button and use the buttons to release the slot in the sheath system. All you have to do is press the button and remove the device, these buttons also work very well and there is no possibility that the button is pressed accidentally.

In the pod system you can see some details on the back, you can see recorded “good” and you can see the “amulet”. From the top of the device you can see cartrdige. The cartridges are perfectly in place and remove the cartridge you need to push a bit and can be removed, it is very simple to do. Embudo in the cartridge is very comfortable to use, in my opinion, but still low and some may not like that.
This cartridge has a capacity of 2 ml, which is the ability of a very good, especially because the device is very small, also means that this system is a smaller sheath that I have used.
cartrdige a spool winding and very 1.6ohm resistance. From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the connection and you can see the air holes. air flow hole is very small and can say that the air is excellent for vaping MTL and as I increased the flow of air in the system module, here the air flow is perfect, not even like me.

Air flow device is very similar to Caliburn Well, so if you like airflow Uwell Caliburn Pods as if here too.

From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the fill hole. At the mouth of the fuel tank you can look quite easy to remove. Filling the holes well and can refill cartridge easily and smoothly.

From the top of the camera, you can see the flow of the cartridge as said cartridge is held in place perfectly. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port and you are going to use this USB port to charge the battery. This device has a built-in 370mAh battery battery capacity and is very suitable for this device because the device is very small, so I think the battery of this device is perfect.
On one side of the camera, you can see the buttons in front of the camera, you can see the screen.
I can say that most of this unit’s screen and enjoy it.
On the screen you can see:

– coil resistance
– The battery indicator
– Hour
– Date
– Today


On the screen, you can see the contact button on the left you can see the buttons on the right side you can see the other.

I would really think this pod system has a battery indicator and is the best indicator of battery in the case of the system, since the screen. Crown pods

Using the buttons on the side, you can turn on and off or off, you must press a button 5 times. When the camera is activated and when the button is pressed three times, you can set the time and date through the touch keys on the screen. Also, if you click the button on the side of the screen will, if pressed twice Press the button on the screen is also underway.
I think it’s perfect in this unit and the screen is very bright so you can see everything very nice.

A protection device:

– More vaporizer indications
– Open circuit protection
– Short-circuit protection
– low power indicator
– Protection against overheating

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

As I said at the beginning, when I started using this product I really like the idea of ​​seeing a vaporizer.

This is a very good idea to put the Uwell Amulet Vape, because that way you will always have your system pod on your wrist and you can use this system sheath in which you do not want to use a larger device.

Personally, I liked the way the appearance of the device, such as the hands, which is good in my opinion.
big screen and really thought we had a pod system with a screen. On the screen, you can always see the battery capacity and you can still see the date and time it was good enough for me.
It is very easy to fill the cartridge and the capacity of the cartridge is good, especially because this system is a very small part of the pod, even if used herein, the molten salt e-nic will be a large capacity for you. Battery capacity is also very good for this device and in combination with the work coil 1.6ohm equally well.
airflow is very good here, what the system airflow and the actual pod mtl really because the airflow.

Flavor with the use of molten salt NIC and here is very good and strong blows throat, I and the molten salt 35 mg nic. So I tried this product with exceptional liquid and can say that the taste was surprisingly good.
This device has an automatic switch which means that it will develop, I can say that the circuit breaker works well and so far, it works with every draw very well. In combination with the excellent 1.6ohm coil production flow of air and vapor steam and hot water good.
I can suggest this particular device if you want to have your electronic cigarette always with you in your hand as your watch. Given how this device works, I recommend advanced users and also recommend to beginners who like watches and people who always want to have the electronic cigarette.

I can say that this pod system into a sheath that is better out there for a very good air flow and because this device has a good taste with salt and usual liquid Uwell Crown 4.

Personally, I liked the way the appearance of the device, such as the hands, which is good in my opinion.
big screen and really thought we had a pod system with a screen. On the screen, you can always see the battery capacity and you can still see the date and time it was good enough for me.
It is very easy to fill the cartridge and the capacity of the cartridge is good, especially because this system is a very small part of the pod, even if used herein, the molten salt e-nic will be a large capacity for you. Battery capacity is also very good for this device and in combination with the coil 1.6ohm work equally well.
airflow is very good here, so the air flow system and real-pod MTL really because the airflow.

Flavor with the use of molten salt NIC and here is very good and strong blows throat, I and the molten salt 35 mg nic. So I tried this product with exceptional liquid and can say that the taste was surprisingly good.
This device has an automatic switch which means that it will develop, I can say that the circuit breaker works well and so far, it works with every draw very well. In combination with the excellent flow of production of coil 1.6ohm steam of air and steam and hot water good.
I can suggest this particular device if you want to have your electronic cigarette always with you in your hand as your watch. Given this how it works device, I recommend advanced users and also recommend to beginners who like watches and people who always want to have the electronic cigarette.

You can buy Uwell Vape pod here:

This is uwell pods koko Nunchaku Caliburn watch crown 4 tank review


Well amulet Uwell kokoof the last (missed other creatures) to vaporizer Well popular producer.

They have been around a long time and are very popular with their crowns tank and has since become one of the most popular in the tank vaping. They also released one of the best Gondola system on the market to date earlier this year with Caliburn. It is a square talisman style AIO small box that looks like smart watches and comes with a bracelet to wear watches like a clock, and the pods and built in rechargeable 370mAh and breathe fire. It is available in black color. Looking around online to see it in action for several sites in the United States around USD 35-40 and pods replacing about $ 10 for a 2-pack.

Manufacturer Specifications:
PCBA moisture and dust resistant
Dimensions: 10-1 / 4 “x 1-1 / 2” x “(including watch band) 3/4
Dimensions: 1-3 / 8 “x 9:16” x 1-7 / 8 “(Pod system only)
Charging Pod / cartridge system
All in one
Integrated battery capacity: 370mAh
Maximum power: 10W
E-liquid capacity: 2.0 ml
Resistance: 1.6ohm
Pro-Focs Taste Testing Technology
Drawing actively Auto Design
View Style Pod System
Silicone watch
Removable pod system design
touch screen with the date and time
Compact and lightweight
Optimized for standard nicotine salt and E-liquid base
protection short circuit
Details coil (Option 1)
Charging Pod / cartridge design
E-liquid capacity: 2.0 ml
Resistance: 1.6ohm
helical springs Kanthal
Included in the box:
1 x system Although charm Pod
1 x vacuum Pod refillable cartridge (pre-installed)
1 x Micro USB cable

discharge of the battery Amulet
Wells is a talisman round square style AIO (all in one) Pod kit, meaning that no mod or a separate tank that can be used with other things.It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but sold separately and coils integrated in the nacelle so it can not be reused as a sheath Nunchaku uwell or zero.

intelligent design, which is a pod system that is very unique as it was small and made to look smart watches and has a LED screen with a clock that also shows the intensity and battery life and comes with input from the rope sheath for use as a clock. The screen is nice and bright too, and can re-use the right or left hand. It does not fit together like most air pods not a big deal, but it was good when it comes to selection. MTL has a loose drainage. It has a capacity of 2 ml standard so no complaints. \

Stored in 370mAh battery and is not adjusted output devices directly. It has an integrated USB support, but could not find the level in the list. I tried three times to meter USB line and the level of fees charged to .57A maximized if the average load-amp. I prefer 1A normal, but because of the small size of the battery faster. Responsible fully loaded quickly 40-45mins. In size you have 376mah 361mah battery. enough excellent ratings for uwells only hope is the cost saved. I expect a little bigger, with other systems such as gondolas, but understandable because the battery size, so you can emulate a smart clock. each charge but obtained almost complete shell vaping 2 ml. Also has a gate as vaping (breaking load) that can vape while charging. No drop by drop end, the funnel part of the nacelle itself.

So talisman built well enough and light. It is plastic so it feels a little on the cheap side. Really not much to say about paintwise only comes in one color and plastic, but do not use so that was nice. The pods attached to the battery through the system configuration here and it works very well and does not fit well with the movement or play. To remove the cover simply eliminated. filling pretty basic. Just a simple rubber stopper at the bottom if you need to fill pop then you just open the rubber stopper. Very simple and easy to do.

This usage is quite simple. It has no physical buttons shutter button, but more features. It also has a button 2. Click physical button five times to turn on or off. Click three times to set the time and date and use the buttons to adjust. Hold for 4 seconds to switch between the right hand or left hand provision. In addition, the fire pod single blast that worked very well for me and there was no problem. Since the envelope has a screen made for him, he’s got a real nice deck in the opposite direction is similar to many mods.

Also shows the coil resistance also. Uwell crown is located behind the battery, but very dark with a second screen, it is very difficult to see the level of juice. I hope the pod itself is obvious, especially because when used as a clock, you can not see the pod anyway. Companies really need to stop tinting pods.


performance and details of the coil

Well amulet Pod Kit comes with a 1 sheath is just sad. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There is a coil selection for this kit is a roll of mesh 1.6. I use it every 50/50 and 60/40 juice salt NIC 20 to 30 mg of nicotine. Pods not include two parts for me, so I use 2 total, including packages 1 and a backup. Said two coils are very similar consistency to do so. Flavorwise both levels as well, but an intermediate level while the upper level. uwell watch is a bit on the weak side as well.Entrained air Tomé cut 8 very satisfied if it makes sense. Living know coil that is fine too. He was 14 and 16 ml of 2 rolls so also the good coil life. In general, a player for the solid armor system.
2 ml standard capacity
good quality batteries
suitable size for easy portability
It disguised be used as a unique design of the clock
nice LED screen
a solid record for battery size
fast charge (approximately 40 minutes)
The pods are easy to remove and install
easy to fill
Beautiful large LED screen
good battery meter
the good taste of monodosis System
life and good consistency coil
vaping door
fire-breathing works fine without error
Only one color option
There is no charge level recorded
The battery is small (but justified because of the design)
equipped with a nacelle
The pods are dark so it was hard to see the level of juice
So, with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like or hard, it’s a difficult decision. The way I see it, if you want to wear a watch for this feature, I’d say go ahead and buy. I worked more than enough for both justified as an armor system. For me personally, I have a vaporizer device and use it mainly to carry in your pocket, it’s easy to do because it is very small.If you’re like me and do not plan to use Vape devices, such as clocks, I get just Calburn place.

So basically supported Yes, if you want, because it is a watch, but if you are not interested, but look, it would be better with Caliburn has. I added to my RECs below the associated spreadsheet, you can check if you are in the market for anything.

It was to keep Anthony fried only honest, I hope you can all say the same thing and I will take the next revision.

rejection of products
This product was sent to me well

disclaimer comments
Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.

critical warning
I made a review from the end of 2016 freezer and has performed over 400 user reviews. I like Uwell crown 4 tank help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer.

Not “unusual” reviewer. I do my best to be full at all times and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.


– No plus and minus buttons, one does not like, I personally really Sensor, and it works very well and once you get used to not have a problem



– The build quality is good
– atomizers diameter 26 mm
– a good fire button
– The sensor works well
– Easy to use
– comfortable to use
– Good Topics
– Compatible with 21,700, 20,700, 18,650 batteries
– a good screen brightness
– The board is resistant to dust and moisture proof
– Given the quality of the previous model painting, I can tell a good painting
– No mod leftovers when shaken

sourcemore thanks

You can buy here : uwell pods

This review of uwell pods koko Nunchaku Caliburn watch crown tank

Nunchaku uwell has sent me to check Sourcemore

Here is a coupon code for you to get a special offer for only $ 31.19 !! coupon code is: NCKU2M


What’s in the box

• Although nunchaku 2 mod
• Battery sleeves
• USB cable
• Users Guide


mod function

• Size: 100x29mm
• Output: 5-100W
• User Mode: VW, TCR cut (Mech Mode)
• Battery: 1x 21700, 20700 or 18650 with locking sleeve
• Resistance Range: 0.1-3ohm (VW), 0.1-1ohm (TC)
• Display: – Size is not specified
• Chip test dust / moisture
• 2A fast charge
• adjusting motion sensor brand / change mode (no button)

Design and construction quality: Uwell koko

Nunchaku nunchaku 2 is similar to the original. The same tube so that bulges towards the middle, the same shutter button and the same screen. But to fit the battery 2 21700 nunchaku slightly greater (100 mm) and the width (29.9mm). Same as the original body fits well in my hand curves.

The body is made entirely of metal; stainless steel according to this site well. This is a mod itself cumbersome to 141g and each battery weight and the stationary deposit is inserted. Compared to other spray pen, nunchaku two rather large and heavy.

The screen is now placed on top of the model, but still low. Indicates the stationary resistance mode of watts coil, and battery life. Though so small, it is still a little light. Below the screen is the power / heat. It is sensitive and tactile and comfortable as I could reach with the thumb.

design simple, mod. He received Iridescent (from! Favorita I) and has a beautiful bright mirror finish look. But no lines in the body design is very minimal and the mark; Well nunchaku only 2 downstairs logo behind mod.

There is a micro USB port mod. The battery cover on the bottom (duh!) And nice and soft wire. The nunchaku can accommodate 20,700 or 21,700 batteries were large, but also comes with a battery cover to adjust 18650 21700 battery with absolutely no rattle it installed, scourged by cruel.

How to use nunchaku 2

Nunchaku using 2 different from any other mod; without a handle! Conversely, the nunchaku 2 using MEMS gyroscopes for controlling movement and adjustment is controlled by tilting the side mod. At first I did not like it, but this imbalance (reluctantly) I got used. Also, once I found my perfect watts there is no need to stay in shape.

The nunchaku has three modes: watt mode, the mode and engineering TCR. Standard mode variable watt watts to 100W, TCR TCR to configure for use with all hardware, and mechanical mode with fire in its battery voltage. Pressing the shutter button three times Poster menu.

This mod is five, click the Live button. To adjust watts click the shutter button three times and bring a menu. Press the fire button to select “Power Mode” and now can be changed watt side mod change up or down.

To enter the TCR, you must open the menu by clicking shot three times, then tilt to select TCR. Press the shutter button and you are able to change the MOD to select the temperature. For a change from C to F, they are inclined to the right to change. Press the shutter button to confirm the temperature.

Uwell crown allows you to adjust the energy in the CV mode. Again, the inclination of their power of choice (60-65W work better with the coil SS316L) and press the button to select the fire.

Finally, set the RCT. SS316L to insert the coils can not reach in regulation usual.00088-0,00094 freezer SS316L and had to go to 0.00100 to work.

Mod to tilt Whatever the configuration change, but still prefer a good command of age. Sometimes too oblique displacement and lean toward the other side and at the rear. It’s just that sometimes difficult to choose the temperature / right power without the last step. On the positive side, it should not be a time I find my perfect watts to keep fit.


Overall, a very good team. Now the product is, after all, I thought was good, but in some cases even exceeded my expectations. However, there are also things I would change.

The two watts mod pen spray large nunchaku mode. Watt consistent performance mode and direct fire immediately. The fact that it takes 21700 battery is needed is good to excellent. I can use 65W for more than a day before needing to recharge my batteries and can expect the same.

I could do without tilt adjustment. I prefer a knob to adjust the configuration more complex than it should be. It was not bad, but it’s harder than it should be and takes more time and effort.
The pre-installed coil 0.20ohm so I started. They taste good, but felt “wet”. Many cloud coil 65W, but the same can be pushed all the way to 80W without side effects. It’s too hot for me right Vaporizer 80W. Unfortunately, this coil drain me and I could not use it for more than a few days. I’m impressed.

0.14ohm flavor-shaped coil and wet aerosol. 65W spot too low for this coil and can push all the way to 80W. According Now the coil is intended to be used by ACE, but could not get a consistent draw. Set the typical TCR, 00088-, 00094 steam all care I. Setting the temperature of 450 electric steam generator 0.00100 ° F and TCR but strangles aggressive cuts in 1-2 seconds sweepstakes. Too consistent for all vaping do the right thing.



My final verdict is that, in general, Uwell Caliburn Vape is large. Tilt adjustment can be eliminated, but it was a minor inconvenience. Well thanks for trying to do something different, but sometimes it’s better to stick with what worked.


The ability to use 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery and surprisingly expected to see the vaporizer pen. The Uwell crown 4 tank

Also included is very good, apart from mine 0.20ohm coil leak gas. And as long as you do not plan TC vaping, coil 0.14ohm watts large rolls.

From the top you can see the models and the cables are here, I had no problems with my atomizers and pin here is gold plated and spring. This mod, you can use up to 26 mm in diameter atomizers without projection was good for me.
Sub Mod has a battery cover and the battery cover, you can see some details that help when you want to open the cover mod. Put here is really good. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the direction of the recorded battery. As I said, this device supports 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries. Generally, you will receive an adapter to 18650 if dont’t batteries 21,700. Personally, I really want to use the 21700 battery and I think it’s great that this device compatible with battery mod 21700. On the back you can see a USB port that can be used to charge the battery and mod support these positions quickly, but as usual, I would suggest using an external charger.
Before the mod, you can see the buttons on the screen and fire.
fire button on this unit stand out, very clicky and details that really count much in it. As the trigger works fine. The screen of the device is small, but the brightness of the screen is very good and you can see the information on the screen without any problems.
As you can see, we have the keys and under, but we have a sensor that is used here.
In addition, this unit’s board is sealed against dust and moisture resistant very good.

To enable it, you must click five times on the fire button to turn off the mod should do the same.
When the screen is on, you can see:

– W
– process
– Coil Resistance
– The battery indicator

To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button and enter the menu you will see:


– Supply Mode
– TCR mode
– Fashion Mech
– Factory settings

If you want to customize your power, you need to click 3 times on the shutter button, you must choose the power mode and after that you have to tilt the mod right to increase or left to reduce power. Similarly, entering the menu by pressing the shutter button 3 times the Ministry of Defense will have to look to the left or right to scroll.

 uwell watch works very well and once when you are used, you can customize almost everything easy and hassle.

Protection on these devices:

– Short Circuit Protection
– Low voltage protection
– Temperature Protection
– the protection of battery reverse


How these devices work and my thoughts:

Nunchaku 2 is an improved version of the previous model. The design of this device is similar and I like it because this mod is very comfortable to use and I really mods tube. mod good build quality, feels like a very dense morning. This model can be used up to 26 mm of no more than projections for me atomizers diameter. the previous model is only compatible with the 18650 batteries, but they changed and is compatible with a larger battery that is really good. Because of this mod is compatible with a larger battery is slightly larger than the previous bite. the trigger is very nice and convenient to use and remember than previous models E every day, I have no problem with the trigger, I belive that will be very good in the future. The sensors work very well here and you really quickly used and once you do, you’ll be able to customize quickly and smoothly. This mod mod is very simple to use that many people would like. Moreover, it was very good this dust edge mod and moisture resistant. So far, this model works well and remember how long I was using his model before belive that I use for a long time without any problems.

If you like the previous version, but you want the version that you can not mod 21700 to make a mistake with this one, and in this case, certainly advise on this.



– No more and less buttons, someone does not like, I personally really sensor because it works very well and once you get used to not having a problem



– The build quality is good
– atomizers diameter 26 mm
– good fire button
– sensors work well
– Easy to use
– comfortable to use
– Topics well
– Compatible with 21,700, 20,700, 18,650 batteries
– good screen brightness
– The Board of Directors is dust-proof and moisture-proof
– Given the quality of the painting of the previous model, I can tell a good painting
mod n scrap when the shakes –

sourcemore thanks

You can buy the kit here: uwell pods


Uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Crown Pod Caliburn Pods amulet Crown 4 review

Well I received a Caliburn KOKO the purposes of this review.


Well nunchaku is available in several colors:


– Green Metallic

– iridescent

– Purple

– Black and Gold

– The corrosion of iron

– Black Full

– Sapphire Blue


Description and features:


– Size: 27.4 mm x 94.5 mm

– Material: Stainless Steel

– Power range: 5-80W

– Resistance range: 0.1 ~ 3 ohms (VW), 0.1 ~ 1 ohm (TC), 0.1 ~ 0.5ohm (manual)

– Temperature range: 100 ~ 300 ° C / 200 ~ 600’F

– A new generation of E-cigarette panel Well Control, making boxes mod tube insurance

– Operating mode: the power mode, the mode TC (NI, SS), the bypass mode

– Battery 18650

– Ergonomic design felt perfectly at hand

– Pocket size when traveling

– simple interaction system

– Micro USB port for charging



In the frame:


Crown 4 uwell

– USB Cable

– Warning Card

– User’s Guide


Well Uwell Crown Pod, powered by a battery and 18650 can operate up to 80W. In the widest part of the diameter 27.4MM mod is the height of the model is 94.5mm, but on top of the diameter is 25 mm mod. Nunchaku is not a big tube mod mod in my opinion, it has the perfect dimensions and mod is very comfortable to wear, feels good in the hand because of the way. Nunchaku are made of stainless steel and feels very solid, the build quality is excellent and I can not complain about anything here. color quality so far looks good so I do not see scratches on the mod mod and I use that a lot. You can buy this model in several different colors, 7 colors, black. In the Caliburn Pods, you can see the details, from the top of the mod, you can see sculptures in the tube that you can see engraved “nunchaku Well”. At the top of the battery, you can see some details that help in removing the battery cover and at the bottom you can see engraved “Well Designed by”, “” and you can see the stars recorded. Personally, I think the beautiful mod, but this is very subjective.

From the top of mod, no connection with stainless steel spring loaded pin plating and thread here either. As have been said above a diameter of 25 mm, can be used here sprayers anything up to 25 mm without false.

Sub mod, you can see the battery cover, the battery cover also has a good thread and can tighten or loosen the mod smoothly. In the battery cover, you can see four vents. A getting out of the battery cover, it may be reduced pin and spring pin. Inside, there is a more mod pin and you can see very clearly marked with the red, so you know how to put on your battery. No it isolation mode, in which case the battery is used stripes, but do not use the battery if you notice any scratches on the battery.

In the tube, you can see the shutter button, the plus and minus buttons USB port and you can see the screen.

Here hold the fire button and it’s not hard to find in a mod when vape like, shutter button has several sculptures that can be felt under your finger. shutter button works fine, I have no problem with the shutter button it is very sensitive and dislocation. More and less boots work fine too and I have no problem, but when mod can stir here some keys rattle.

In the tube there is a USB port lets you charge your batteries in a mod, but as usual, we recommend using an external charger to charge the battery.

Basically, there is a very bright screen and the screen, you can see everything on the screen is very clear.


To activate the mod must click 5 times on the shutter button, the same is when you want to disable the mod. When the Ministry of Defense lights shown “Well Hello” on screen and after that if the power mode of the device is used on the screen, you will see:


– Power

– The battery indicator

– coil resistance

– Volt



If you use the device in temperature control mode, appears on the screen:


– Temperature

– The battery indicator

– coil resistance

– Power


To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button, the menu can be seen:



– Supply Mode

– Temperature Ni Mode

– Temperature Mode Ss

– Bypass Mode

– Return to factory settings

– Exit the menu


uwell amulet of 5-80watts when the key roughly 0.5W watts is pressed up or down, and 80W power when the plus button and the return to 5W is pressed when the power is on and press the button 5W reduced, go to 80W.


You can lock mod really, all you have to do is press the shutter button and the minus button, you will not be able to use the mod at all until you open it with keys and reducing fire. You can also block only plus and minus buttons, for this you need to press the shutter button and a button, so you can vape but you can not adjust the power until the device is opened.








the entire first mod is a very good shape and feels great in hand and if you ask me it is very convenient to use, it’s hard not to find the shutter button, as is and engraving, which is a additional advantage. I like the size of a mod, mod height of only 94.5mm, which is a big plus for me, because in combination with most sprayers will be very pleasant due to the high that I can take with me all mod. Mod has a very interesting feature, I can lock the device, in fact, I love it because there is no possibility that can be activated in the pocket, is really not a problem to switch off the device before putting it in a pocket, but it was good we had a key choice.

This model is powered by a 18650 battery and can not use other batteries here, not only can use air battery of this mod 20700.

This device works great, the fries were good and I did’t have problems, so far so good. I use the camera low power and high strength and can not complain, it works as it should. Atomizers in a suit 24mm or 25mm diameter well in the Ministry of Defense, of course, you can also use smaller sprayers with beauty rings.

build quality as I said very good, a good thread on top and that I will not be a problem when you want to put the battery in the mod. shutter button and the plus and minus buttons run smoothly.

Basically it is a very simple model to use, you can choose from four modes, so there’s nothing complicated here and you can customize almost everything quickly.

I recommend this mod for those who like to use them a tube mods, I think it is a very good mod and works as expected without problems so far.






– Can not use a 20700 battery





– The build quality is good

– Very comfortable to use

– Mod simple, use

– good appearance (subjective)

– Good Button

– The screen is bright

– Chip works well

– The colors look good



You can get it here: Uwell