Review for Uwell Caliburn :Best Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Starter Kit

The vapeciga Caliburn has a capacity of 520mAh battery and 2 ml sheath. Pods uses flavors of Pro-Focs Well patented technology that is said to improve the flavor and provide a more pleasant operation.

After so long, nah Caliburn worth? Or maybe your new device? Read on to find out!

Fill the box ContentsUwell Caliburn Box
1 x Pod system well Caliburn
Pod cartridge 2 x Caliburn
1 x Cable MicroUSB
1 x Manual
110mm x 21mm x 12mm
520mAh battery
output 11W
teeth replaced
the ability of the sheath
Trigger or tie

Design and build quality

One of the main reasons why they love both the design Caliburn. It seems simple, but fresh, and it was nice to hold and spray. Caliburn reach dimensions 110 mm x 21 mm x 12 mm. He was tall and thin to keep it low and vaping what is really comfortable and natural. You can throw in your pants pocket or even a shirt pocket and hardly believed.

“Caliburn” printed on the front and “good” printed on the back. There are two paths that have developed in each “corner” of Caliburn up and down. These lines correspond to the band on the platform to provide an elegant style Caliburn. Caliburn probably more than you would if it was just.

The Vapeciga Caliburn KOKO  is made of aluminum alloy and, therefore, is a very lightweight device. It is still very robust and very durable. Because the device is almost entirely smooth if I fell off a wooden floor several times the height and concrete. Besides a few small bumps and scratches he is always looking and works well.

You can get Caliburn in six different colors. Five of them are solid colors and one of them fade from pink to purple to blue. Chatting in the garbage of the black unit checked me with a few scratches and dings fall. It is not easily scratched or the paint will not rub or scratch easily. However, the lower edge of Caliburn I got a little paint comes from the position of all types of surfaces.

You can press the power button / light spray or simply draw on the mouthpiece. The Caliburn has a second button is activated and make shots you will use the one that is. trigger buttons are well made and take a little pressure to activate. Do not move or move.

Just under bright lights power button / LED. It is red to indicate the battery level of green light, or blue. LED each time you take a draw or press the shutter button.

On each side of the unit is a small part of the display window eJuice sheath. When the car has these parts sitting in the window so you can check your level eJuice without having to remove it. a transparent window which is very easy to see inside.

Caliburn pods standards fixed by the magnet and snap. You have to press hard enough to get a pod click the battery. After clicking on the pod where it outcrops no movement or movement. You can also use Caliburn Caliburn cloves with Koko, but do not click on a pile of cloves standard Caliburn. Koko Caliburn gear bind with magnets alone. I still think free movement and remains attached to the housing Caliburn as good as ever.


Nunchaku show new may contain up to 2 ml eJuice. two identical parts are obtained in a box having an integrated coil 1.4ohm. These pods replaced which means that you can not change the coil. Once the car is used / burned must replace the entire pod. It is suitable for those who just want a simple device that can fill and start using.

You can also use Caliburn Caliburn teeth with Koko. 1.2ohm teeth and a red base (standard capsule Caliburn black background).

The air stream is introduced into the container through holes in the side of the small stream of air Caliburn. This air stream then passes through the hole in the bottom of the nacelle.

Funnel on the side of a nacelle on both sides and adapted to the vaporizer. functions funnel sheath and the filler cap. You have to pull the plug to access the fill port, but hard to get the plug. Hat toward the side of the support, but in general they are difficult to remove.

Once the lid, you will see three holes. the center hole does not fill the hole so do not put here eJuice or flood the coil! You can fill the capsule using an external holes. Fill the hole, the other holes allow air to escape to make it easier to fill.

Even with the air outlet, you must fill the pods slowly. Because the coil is in the center of the car, not evenly distributed eJuice unless the slope of the pods. Pod eJuice tilt will occur on the opposite side. If loads too fast, eJuice fill one side of the hole and then use the outlets. Funnel cover enough back end / pressure in the nacelle.

ChargingUwell batteries and LED Caliburn
520mAh battery Caliburn. Fully charged, Caliburn did not last long vaping. This is only 11W output that uses very little battery for each drawing. On average, I have about 3 refills per charge.

LED below the power button indicates the level of battery charge. There are three colors:

Green: 100-60%
Blue: 60-30%
Red: less than 30%
You can press the shutter button once to check the battery level or when blown with LED lights also attract activation.

Micro USB. Fast charging if the charge is used Uwell Crown Pod click in takes only 45 minutes to go from dead to full charge. It also has an impact load so you can vaped at this price.

PerformanceUwell Caliburn 1
The vape Caliburn solid. Koko Caliburn pods and pods that offer the same draw; MTL loose air, but no tie. If you like MTL pull so tight it may not be the camera for you.

Caliburn standard pods provide a big hit with salt NIC mg 50. Slot steam heating, but not hot and very nice. taste very good and lived up to all the hype that is out there. steam production more than expected from the device 11W.

Koko Caliburn pods providing an experience that is very similar to a standard platform. However, because 1.2ohm gears, steam a little hotter. It was still hot, but hotter than standard platform. The taste and the same cloud and good production wells.

To draw a very hot pods using Caliburn Koko, just pull up the heat using a standard pod.

steam generation, hot taste and it all started to deposit the mold battery. The Caliburn is not a constant output device, so it is expected. Once the battery until the red color to attract much smaller, so they tend to be filled once at this level.

None of cloves or flight gave me problems in my tests. I mainly use the 50/50 salt NIC, but I use eJuice 60VG time. Regularly takes a long time gives good Caliburn Pods get code chain and have never hit a dry place or even close. The absorption of the sheath is very good and is not a problem.

I used each pod about a week and a few refills a day and still going strong. pod life is definitely a strong point of this system.

flexible energy
Bo One, an elegant choice when vaping well Caliburn (The same is true for almost any type of device housing anyway). a variable temperature control and power the right of the window instead, leaving you with a fixed ceiling 11 watts of power.

Caliburn well support one type of coil at the time, but it would be nice to see more options on the phone, as a kind of resistance coils or maybe even different types of material less as a ceramic coil .

both individual nozzle Caliburn
Caliburn hot coilsEase of Use
Most types of capsules based on similar mechanisms for the load of the car, but Caliburn made some improvements, but enjoy the process towards a more user-friendly experience. Specifically, as well Caliburn has a high load where the tip fall is also a cover port nacelle.

What this means in the long run is that you do not have to remove the basket of the basic kit for a refill (which most devices require through the fill port is at the bottom). This also makes each of the pods Well vapeciga uwell amulet much less prone to leakage.

Good Caliburn also shines through its application both a physical button and a chance of shooting to allow the sensor to activate the device, which gives you more options that control how it relates to the freezer.

Caliburn well shielded housing
With the dimensions of 110 mm Caliburn good dose of 21.2 mm by 11.6 mm, it is easily one of the most compact devices in the market, regardless of class or electrical assistance. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the rocks Good nominal Caliburn 520mAh internal battery, nearly two times more likely to Pax Juul.

2 ml capacity may not seem pods and liquid always match the capacity of larger mods and more powerful, but the low output device, 2 ml is sufficient to obtain even more often for a full day.

flat screen and Caliburn

The Caliburn some areas that could be improved, but generally solid. Vaporizer If you are looking for a MTL tight loop, then you want to look at other devices. But to get loose MTL, which will certainly be a pleasure Caliburn.

Vapers beginners will appreciate the ease of use, while more experienced vapers still enjoy the taste and long lasting battery that provides Crown 4 uwell show new. VAPE nic salts, which Caliburn certainly one of the best gadgets you can get even today.

Drawing or unlock the keys
Super easy to use
Very good quality
very light
Good taste
Cost is only 45 minutes
longevity sheath
no leak
throat hit is about 50 mg salt nic
filler cap is difficult to remove
Lower drag whenever the battery is low (there is a constant output)
MTL operates not enjoyed by all
fill up too quickly can lead to disaster
Check the price
Last year, hundreds of new pod chip released. All have tried to give the best flavor of the channel system. Some of them were great, but some of them are really awful.

Throughout all of this new version of the vaporizer boat, camera speak as a “pod vape” – the Caliburn good. The Caliburn has been for some time, but always in high demand due to build great quality and taste.

The Caliburn and pods are long, and the flavors develop. Caliburn can easily recommend Yet even with all the new options available.


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