Review of the ijoy vape – Big Vapor Box Mod

ijoy vape

The ijoy Vapemaker Gel Vaporizer is the newest of the Vaping Devices from the Ijoy company. It is a new version of the original Ijoy E Liquidizer and Vaporizer. It includes a tank that holds the e liquid, along with two tubes with these juice contained within. It can be used for boiling water or vaporizing e liquid for any other uses. This article will look at the newest version of this product and how it differs from the original.

There are three starter kits that come with the ijoy vaporizer. The basic kit is the ijoy starter kit. It comes with a heat pad, a glass jar, a stainless steel mesh as well as a battery and a USB cord. These kits have an adjustable temperature control that can be done with a click of a button. It is very easy to use and the temperature control is great for those who do not like to make adjustments manually. It is also a great addition to the new e-juice series from the Ijoy company.

There are two other starter kits that are unique to the ijoy Vapemaker series. The first is the ijoy box mod. The box mod resembles a traditional mod except for the fact that it does not use a cart. Instead, the user places their mod inside the box where they can then place liquids inside to heat up. The heating plate on the box mod is powered by a triple A battery that comes with the vaporizer.

The second kit is called the ijoy vaper pen. This product is similar to the previous job a liquidizer in a number of ways. It has a heat plate, a temperature control and a battery. The only main difference between the two products is the size. The pen has a larger screen than the vaporizer because of its increased size.

Like the vaporizer, the ijoy Vapemaker can be used to create clouds of vapor for those who are seeking an intense and flavorful experience. The amount of vapor created is dependent on the wattage tank which is included in the package along with the entire kit. The tank holds enough e-juice for the recommended amount of time needed for the best results with this product.

One of the unique tank features of the ijoy Vapemaker series is the patented bottom base design. The coils are placed directly onto the bottom of the tank. The coils are designed in such a way as to allow only the smallest amount of heat to be produced. The heat is conducted through the glass sphere that sits atop the coils. A patented top fill system allows the user to have more flavorful juice.

The other unique feature of the IJoy Vapemaker series is the patented “drip tip”. Unlike other electric vaporizers, the ijoy Vapemaker uses a fan-style water reservoir located at the bottom of the unit. The reservoir allows for constant air flow to the heating coil allowing for consistent vapor production. The airflow also helps to disperse heat from the heating coils helping to produce even temperatures during use. The patented “drip tip” allows for incredible vapor production by evenly spreading the heat on the heating coils.

All of the vapor production components of the ijoy Vapemaker series are enclosed within a durable and lightweight mod. The temperature control module is easy to remove and clean. It also has the popular fire button which allows the user to quickly and easily switch between temperature settings. The fire button has a variable heat setting which makes it safe to use for sensitive skin.