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Having examined the Jellybox 228W a number of months ago, I was happy to take a look at its little brother, the Jellybox 80W Mini. I enjoyed the 228W which was not just great value yet a suitable double battery mod for attys that call for the higher power level that it uses. The 80W meets a lot of my needs. On average in my RTAs, I Rincoe JellyBox Mini 80w around 55-60 watts, so with a 21700 battery I anticipated the Jellybox Mini to fit me nicely.So will the smaller see-thru version excite me as a lot?

We will certainly learn in this vape testimonial.

Speaking of which, a bit like the size of the Rincoe JellyBox Mini, this vape evaluation will be reduced down a little also …

That’s not an instance of ‘I can’t be troubled’– even more the only difference is the size. Exact same storage tank– same coils– same menu choices etc etc

. Rincoe has a decent performance history as a vape firm with a few that have certainly caused a buzz worldwide of vaping.

The Rincoe Mechman X Mesh as well as Nano RDA package occur as does the flavourful Neso X covering package.

What Can We Get Out Of the Rincoe JellyBox Mini Vape Kit?

The same quality develop, flavour and clouds as from the Rincoe Jellybox 220w set is the short answer!

Except smaller sized in size … type of lol.

It coincides on top– the Rincoe JellyTank, and also the same coils as its bigger sibling– the Rincoe JellyBox 220w package …

The chip and also menu coincide and without being as well evident lol– this set only hits 80w– the consisted of coils do not go that high, nevertheless the RBA head from the Rincoe Manto max does.

The LED lights remain and also such as the menu you can alter the colours must you so desire.

One crucial thing is the Rincoe JellyBox Mini is a single battery gadget that can take either a 18650, 21700 or 20700 battery– always good to see.

So, when all’s stated and also done, it’s an instance of ‘does size issue?’ and also how much power do you want?

OK, the Rincoe JellyBox Mini vape set was sent out direct from Rincoe– thanks — and as always my ideas as well as viewpoints are not guided by giveaways.

Rincoe Jellybox Mini 80W Set features clear COMPUTER covers and zinc alloy frame that make it accenting for an aesthetically magnificent aesthetic. It looks really durable seeing the internals and battery covers. Finally, It has 6 LED lights match with screen UI colour, to beam through right into the full clear tools! As Well As Rincoe Jellybox 228W Box Set which consists of a Jellybox 228W Mod and also a Jellytank Atomizer. as well as constructed from Zinc alloy & premium COMPUTER. Jellytank Atomizer can holds capability of 4.8 ml and includes a knitted 0.3 Ω coil inside. Offer 6 LED lights as well as beam, if you do not use it will certainly be able to close.

The Rincoe JellyBox Mini features 0.96-inch colour display, so all your operations, consisting of electrical power adjustment and temperature variation, can be quickly and also clearly showed on it. Jellybox Mini box mod is power by solitary 21700/20700/18650 battery with max 80W outcome. Jellybox mini can sustain VW/ TC (Ni200/Ti/SS) modes to satisfy different needs. Jellytank preserves 4.8 ml ability with bottom loading layout. As well as Jellytank holds 0.15 ohm/ 0.3 ohm mesh coils for the dense cloud. The Type-C charging of JellyBox Mini offers a quick 2A cost. The consisted of Jellytank features 4.8 ml juice capability as well as replaceable fit together coils. The Jellytank adopts bottom refill style.

And Rincoe Jellybox mod has an excellent 228W maximum result; an exclusive clever chipset is mounted inside; a comprehensive temperature control suite, and a resistance range of 0.05-5.0 ohm. It can make use of a selection of cable components to create an excellent vaping system, It can flawlessly match with different atomizers, tanks, and RDA. Access to the battery compartment from the bottom, there is a hinged sliding cover constructed from metal. The control board is concentrated on the front end. The activation button is huge. On top 510 ports, an atomizer with a size of no more than 26mm can suit without hanging. Rincoe Jellybox box mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries with max 228W output. Jellybox mod can sustain VW/ TC (Ni200/Ti/SS) modes to satisfy different needs.

I was pleased to see that the Jellybox 80W had the three battery alternatives, 18650, 20700 or 21700. My preference would certainly always be the 21700 for even more power and also longer battery life, this will easily manage my 60 watt storage tanks, however having the choice to use other batteries is always welcome.

The consisted of 18650 adaptor is transparent which I appreciate as you can still see your picked battery wrap. I have a tendency to go for clear wraps for a more mechanical appearance.

The battery door is loose without a battery but tightens up perfect as soon as fitted. It has been firm enough that it hasn’t stood out open in my pocket or bag.

The LEDs just light up while vaping and also are quite brilliant. Though there’s 6 LEDs, they are placed in a manner where you only see the effect of three but brighter. I appreciated vaping with the LEDs, especially outdoors in the evening, clouds and also lights work out together. I enjoy to entertain my little mind on my very own in my garden, but I would likely turn the LEDs off in public. A minimum of you have both options.

Battery life is respectable thinking about the intense display as well as LEDs, it conveniently lasted me half day and then some utilizing it at 55 watts. Charging can be done via the USB-C port as well as offers 2 Amp quick billing, but I always bill my batteries outside the mod in a devoted charger.

Performance sensible, I only used it in VW setting and it terminated very rapid and I saw no lag. There’s really little to say here except that it does what it’s meant to, there was merely absolutely nothing that frustrated me and it was a joy to make use of.

Next to the 228W double cell version you can discover the various shape of the front as well as fire switch. Due to it taking a 21700 battery, normally it had to be that little taller. It’s just around 5mm as well as there’s somewhat more space between the board which makes the LEDs appear brighter.

I truly enjoy this mod equally as much as I finished with the Jellybox 228W. Certain it’s a little limited with features, but in the real world I will just be making use of VW (variable power level) and I hardly ever venture over 70 watts so the Jellybox Mini 80 is greater than efficient in doing to my demands and different sufficient that I more than happy to own as well as make use of both variations.

I’m not a follower of the name, however Rincoe have actually been subtle and haven’t smudged the name throughout it, actually it’s only etched on the base and also is very small. When you have a battery and container fitted, this mod feels and look pricey, however if you look into the prices after that it’s a swipe. Don’t allow the LEDs place you off as you can merely turn them off if it transforms you off.

You can naturally opt to pop your own tank or rebuildable on there too.Being able to make use of the Rincoe Manto Max RBA head is a benefit.