The Build Deck – A Review of the Build Deck

The new Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA is an upgrade to the highly popular original Dead Rabbit RDA. The RDA has been out for quite some time and I’m sure you’ve seen all the rave reviews about how great it is and how much of a danger it is. The new V2 is even more of a banger because it now includes a side-cut glass for a classy touch. This upgrade will absolutely take your dues to the next level.

dead rabbit v2

The main difference between this second version and the original RDA is the upgrade in the airflow system. The original RDA had a single airflow system that was not as efficient as the new one. The new Dead Rabbit V2 has a dual airflow system that allows for better vapor and vapour generation without any problems. It also now includes a side cutout that is used for easy packing and removal. The side cutout can be adjusted depending on your preferences and the included accessory bag makes it super easy to put your gear in and get out.

The new V2 also includes a new innovative Squonk system. The Squonk system allows you to mix your juice in the chamber that is built right on the side of the tank. When you mix the juice, you can now control it by rotating the side coils which will change the flavour of your juice. These side coils are extremely efficient at providing you with the highest quality of vapor and flavoured liquids possible.

Speaking of flavour the two Hellvape dead rabbit rda’s include two different build decks. The standard build deck is basically the same as the original but the upgrade version offers two separate chambers. These chambers can be customized to your exact tastes.

If you are looking for flavour and aroma you can also get an adjustable barrel with a side slit. This can be adjusted depending on your preferences. The standard barrel allows for approximately 20% of your blend to escape into the air. The adjustable barrel allows for a reduced amount. If you are using an E VW smoker I recommend using the adjustable barrel. This reduces the amount of smoke generated from the initial blend.

There is also a new accessory called the angled airflow inlets. These angled airflow inlets can be adjusted depending on your preferences. The original dead rabbit smoker uses straight angled airflow inlets but most people have found these angled ones easier to use. They are usually slightly larger than the straight inlets and are tucked away in the side of the barrel. You can adjust them to the exact angle that you need to get the exact amount of air flow needed.

A few extra features are the trigger control and the temperature knob. Although these features may not seem important they can make a huge difference in the quality of your smoking session. The trigger control allows you to adjust the temperature of the system without actually turning on the heating unit which can save time and mess. The temperature knob also allows you to adjust the temperature of the system while your rabbit is sitting in the base of the unit.

When it comes to buying a good electric smoker, there are several things to consider. To start with if you are looking for something durable and functional then the dead rabbit v2 is the one to go for. If you like lots of flexibility and easy to use controls then the original dead rabbit v2 is worth considering.