The comment about vaporesso gen swag kit vape target pm80 GTX zero pods luxe mod

swag kit vape is a target received Vaporesso the purposes of this review.


Vaporesso focus is colored PM80:


– blue

– Red

– Purple

– Black

– Green

– money




– Size: 121.3mm x 24.8mm x 33.8mm

– Display: OLED 0.91inch

– Capacity: 4 ml / 2 ml

– load: 2A

– Output power: 5-80w

– Battery: 18650


In the frame:


– PM80 objective device VAPORESSO


– GTX mesh coil 0.2Ω

– GTX mesh coil 0.6Ω

– 2 x Airflow silicon earbud

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– Warranty card

– Reminder Card

Therefore, the orientation vaporesso target pm80 is available in 6 different colors. The design of this device is very good in my opinion, the same as the previous version and the build quality is good and no complaints, everything is as it should be and not hear the noise when placed on the battery. The same as the objectives of the previous version PM80 comfortable to use and feels good in the hand. This package is very good, ultimately, get more with another device, you will receive 4 air flow records, two balls and two coils that are truly amazing. Embudo comfortable to use, but you can not use another drip tip here will be a disadvantage for someone. Capacity 4 ml is a good capacity for this device. You can refill the cartridge without any problems with the gorillas and bottles cartridge remains perfectly in place. The display here is different and not a color display as in the previous versions, but the screen brightness is good and can see everything on the screen. In this unit, you can adjust the airflow out of the box, which can be very uncomfortable, but it’s a favor we can adjust the airflow. We can stop the flow of air from one side or both sides, you can also cut the sheet and include only one or two holes, if desired. There are many completely open flow of air and when air flow stops when in fact, you may have the opportunity to MTL very enjoyable. With this device, you receive two rollers and the device is compatible with many rollers. For these devices, you can buy a great RBA head. Therefore, this device is compatible with the network coil 0.2ohm, networks coil, the coil 0.6ohm networks, networks of the coil, the coil and the coil RBA 1.2ohm. As I said in a previous post I tried many coils with this device and I can say that the coils are very good. MTL coil is also very good in my opinion. It’s great that you can buy or MTL coil DTL for this device and therefore the device will appeal to beginners. Tastefully prefabricated prefabricated coil and absolutely brilliant. Build the head of the RBA is very simple and remember that this is a starter kit for beginners can use prefabricated coil and after learning how to build and save money RBA really good. Season coil RBA was also very good and the air flow into the hole of the coil is about 2 mm, which can be used to limit or DTL Mtl RBA vaping, perosanlly to use this coil to limit vaping DTL. I think this is another very good and easy zero pods device use, many coils are available and you can now use the 18650 battery which was great, me personally the device.

Materials felt good. Its construction mainly of certain metals, zinc tin alloy, but is mentioned nowhere PM80 revise some time. Section type resin applied correctly in the car, but did not provide a better grip.


Shutter button is in place. Shot button quite small, but placed just below the curve inward so that one of the comfortable.


upper magnetic unit is connected to the nacelle and connectors sheath fits comfortably. It was my favorite pod filling system, as in Podstick, drag the pod, press the down filling holes and filling. Do not fill the background, it is not necessary to take the car. The weakness of the system is the need to fill the bottle has a hard tip for pressing and filling. Unfortunately vaporesso luxe mod not add a special bottle to fill as they do with Podstick as super helpful.


No leakage of mass, once filled when a soft tip such flooding around the capsule in the device, but the device safely. Pod important capacity especially if a sheath is used as MTL. sheath material too dark to see the liquid and the sheath are on the device, check the fluid level necessary for me to make a pod, is not much, but it’s worth mentioning. Runoff peak with a cigarette as a pleasing shape and drip edges, especially for MTL.

To activate it you must click 5 times on the fire button and turn it off, you must do the same. When the screen is on, you’ll see:


– The percentage battery indicator

– process

– coil resistance

– against the coup

– W

– Best

– hojaldre time (when the shutter button pressed)


To enter the menu, you have to keep the plus and minus buttons, and the enter the menu, you can see:


– Intelligent vw

– Vw

– Vv

– default

– Exit


In this device, we can use this mode vv know a lot of people, and the way they work here vw smart and when this mode is used, the device automatically adjusts the power of the coil has joined the work.

You can lock the device when you click 3 times on the shutter button, you should do the same to unlock the device. When you lock your device can vape but you can not use the plus and minus buttons.

When the shutter button and press the button again to return to the screen.

Objective vaporesso gen is a device that can be used for MTL and DTL vaping. You can buy these devices in 6 different colors, which is good for me. The device is powered by a battery 650 and operates 18 5-80w. the dimensions of the device are 121.3mm x 24.8mm x 33.8mm and an earlier version of the device feels good in the hand and is also very convenient to use. construction of the device quality is very good, everything is as it should be and there was no rattle. In a device on one side, you can see the “target Vaporesso PM80 SE”. Surely a package in the package, 4 air flow records, two balls and two coils that are really good you will receive.

From the top of the camera, you can see the slot inside the magnet and can see the connection here. Also on the upper side of the mod you can see the three holes on each side of the airstream. Generally, you receive the flow of air 4 takes and you can adjust the airflow. In the device, you can see the USB port can be used to charge the battery, the device supports Charing 2A. The device is powered by a battery and can be 18,650 view battery door at the bottom of the Vaporesso GTX . As for the battery cover it works well and when placed in the battery when the device is shaken no noise. In front of the camera, you can see the shutter button, the screen and the plus and minus buttons. shutter button is highlighted and so far it works very well, plus and minus buttons are also very good. In this device, the screen is 0.96inch and we are not a color screen that some people like and someone does not like, screen brightness anyway is very nice and you can see everything on the ‘screen. This device can be used 5-80w.


To activate it you must click 5 times on the fire button and turn it off, you must do the same. When the screen is on, you’ll see:



– Do not use more drip tips

– No c USB




– Choice of colors

– Good build quality

– comfortable device

– 18650

– 4 doses air flow inside the package

– Two coils in the package

– Two cartridges in the package

– 4 ml capacity

– easy to fill

– cartridge nice stay in place

– good screen brightness

– shot button plus and minus buttons that good

– operation Vv

– Intelligent Mode vw

– The good taste

– Can be used as device DTL or MTL

– head RBA

coils deployed, there are 3 reels in this kit; common round wire coil 1.2ohm 8-12w (MTL) 0.8ohm 12-20w net coil (RDTL) and 0.6ohm 20-30W net coil (RDTL).


thanks Vaporesso

You can buy Vaporesso kit here: