The comment of vaporesso gen mod swag target gtx vape zero luxe

I received a gene vaporesso gen mod the purposes of this review.


color genes Vaporesso:


– dark blue

– Black

– Green black

– black purple

– Black red

– Gold

– money


Specifications and features:


– Dimensions: 93.5 x 53 x 27mm

– Display: 0.91 “OLED screen

– Battery: 2×18650 (not included)

– Power Range: 5-220W

– Charging Current: 2.5A

– Resistance Range: 0:03 ~ 5O


– The new chipset Axon

– 2.5A fast charging system

ECO mode Power and DIY –

– innovative mode and pulse mode TC SMART


In the frame:



– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– User’s Guide

So gtx vape comes in several colors very good very good in my opinion. mod good build quality and everything is as it should be, and rubber coating is resistant to scratches. In my opinion mod easy to use, but remember that this mod is slightly higher, rounded edges and I like the feel of a mod.




The pods open with the press and the sliding system that works quite well, disposable sheaths so you do not worry about wear this. I guess means PTF push system to complete the work as long as you do not pay more fluid at a time. 10ml bottle filling including having stiff ends to make a mess free filling is even easier and should give all the work.


MTL: MTL Pod tried first because, as usual with MTL, he hit me, so I wanted in the first form. 1.3 Ω Coil CCELL beautiful and more pleasant work than I expected. The taste was acceptable to MTL guess, not level kayfun but fun at least.


He does not have a problem when the chain vaping is subject almost always with MTL. I use the juice 50/50 60/40 PG / VG 10 mg vaporesso zero salt and the coil is still good after 15 ml, so a good performance was IMO.

From the front of the vaporesso target , you can see the shutter button also menu buttons and less and you can see the screen and USB.

In this device, the USB port is used for software updates, but you can also use this device to recharge the batteries is compatible with balanced load, but as always, I recommend that you charge your batteries in an external charger.

Fire button fires prominent and dislocation, it runs smoothly, the buttons and buttons work fine too dislocation.


To activate it you must click 5 times the shutter button, you must do the same to activate the mod out.


When the screen is turned on, you can see:


– The battery indicator

– coil resistance

– Time puff

– W

– process


To enter the menu, you must hold down the menu button or click 3 times on the menu button.

From the menu, you can see:


– Pulse Mode

– Green energy

– TC Intelligent

– DIY Fashion

– Game system

– Exit


If you choose the DIY way you can see:


– Vw

– Vt

– Vv


– Shortcut

– Sp


If you choose sets the system, you can see:


– against blow

– Brightness

– Intelligent vw

– Behind the screen

– Auto eco

– default

– Version: when

This mod is not complicated to use and supports several operating modes, personally I like the way vv work, but perhaps many would like another way of working here. I also really like the choice of shoes screen.

Gen mod works very well, I use my Sprayers dl Mtl am here and I want to use the vw preheating mode with normal work and the use of vv fashion so far have had no problems.

Therefore, the more vaporesso luxe good mod gene that runs smoothly, the build quality is good, that supports multiple operating modes and in my opinion, the design of good mod.

swag mod feeds two mod 18650 and work to 220W. set dimensions of 93.5 x 53 x 27 mm and can be said that the device is very convenient to use, especially since the rubber layer and rounded edges.

I really like the design of the MOD and I think it’s very good, this mod is available in several different colors are very nice. On one side of the mod, you can see “Vaporesso” on the other side you can see the logo and the background mod you can see the “Gen”. mod good build quality, there is nothing wrong with the quality mod here and very good resistance to scratching.

The inconvenients:


– Someone may not like the color of fire button




– Good build quality

– Choice of colors

– Panel remains very good in places without playing any

– I love design

– You can adjust the screen brightness

– You can flip the screen

– Keep zero

– Convenient to use

– Button worked well

– Easy to use

– The percentage battery indicator

– atomizers to 26mm

– Operating mode

– Balanced Load

– Mod worked well



thanks Buybest

You can buy it here: Vaporesso