Vandy Vape Jackaroo Review – Is This A Real Mod Kit?

If you are a fan of vapor products that are easy to use, then the Vandy vape Jackaroo is the perfect vaporizer for you. The Vandy Vapor Jackaroo is a top-of-the-line, high-tech vaporizer that can be used in the office or at home. This product is a revolutionary device that allows you to easily make your own customized e-juice. It has a stainless steel vapor chamber that has a leak-proof cover, a touch-button control, a large replacement atomizer bottle, an interchangeable front plate, and a universal voltage adapter.

The Jackaroo single-arm vaporizer is an IP67 dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof vaporizer with a sleek design that’s remarkably similar to the Geekvape AEGIS Boost. It comes with a 2021 mah battery, variable top airflow control, and variable voltage output up to 70 watts. This vaporizer can be used with most batteries including the newest lithium-ion batteries. The battery level indicator LED on the vaporizer shows you the current power level.

The Vandy Vapor Jackaroo’s easy to clean stainless steel tank is extremely durable and leak proof. It is also incredibly sleek and modern-looking. The tank even looks like it will fit right on your kitchen counter. However, because it is a single-arm design, the jackaroo can only be used on one side.

The Vandy Vapor Jackaroo comes complete with a matching, personalized carrying case, and a glass jar to store your finished e-juice. The vaporizer comes with a unique leak proof cap that prevents the e-juice from spilling out of the side vent. The leak-proof seal is also perfect for storing in a purse or backpack. The e-juice comes with a reusable drip tip that makes cleaning up a breeze. The reservoir holds approximately one quart of e-juice which can be refilled easily with another bottle of Vandy Vapor Jackaroo.

Vandy Vapor Jackaroo includes an RDA (ready to assemble) and a vaporizer with a built in, rechargeable, triple battery power adapter. It comes complete with a triple barrel spout, two glass jars, replacement screws, a stainless steel mesh bag, and a six-pack. The vaporizer has three inches of clearance above the RDA. This unit also has two adjustable airflow settings: low, medium, and high. This unit can be used with any electric supply and can be used with an Enphase TC box, as well as with most battery-powered devices.

The Vandy Vapor Jackaroo comes with an Enphase Nano Cube, which is a useful extra in the kit. The kit includes a charger, a USB cord, an adoption kit, a battery charger, and a battery. The manufacturer provides an instructional booklet and a list of replacement battery parts.

Included in the package are a preloaded e-juice, a triple quartz glass vessel, and three organic berries. A stainless steel mesh pouch is included and can be used to store other items like creams or oils. The total package measures twenty-three ounces including the pouch and its mesh cover. There are eleven adjustment buttons located on the front of the vaporizer.

The Vandy Vapor Jackaroo is a very reasonably priced unit that can be used daily, at home, or even while traveling. The preloaded e-juice that comes with this kit offers a higher wattage than most of the other e-juices on the market. The kit allows for triple wattage levels and five organic berries in each individual pod. There is a built in battery indicator on the vaporizer, which lights up blue when fully charged and red when completely discharged. The built in battery is rechargeable by simply plugging into a wall outlet.

This kit is compatible with the new pH balanced clearomizer systems that are available from Vandy. There Juice dose and flavor are adjusting using one or two finger clicker dial. Adjustments are made by rolling the knob underneath the cap. When you are finished with your personalized blend, simply pop the cap off and discard the mesh coils inside the tank.

One thing I do not like about the Vandy Vapor Jackaroo is that it seems to prefer a black color over all of the other colors available. However, if you like a darker-colored unit you may have no problem getting one with the Black Pearl, Firestorm, or Grand Daddy finishes. The reason why it prefers a black finish is that it looks just as good as a red unit without the additional black paint. The Grand Daddy unit has a stainless steel mesh body, and a side chain that allows you to place your digital scale on top of the unit. This model has a nine-volt battery and a built in power bank but does not include the digital scale.

The cost of this Vandy Vape Mod Kit is about one hundred and twenty-nine dollars. It comes with the stainless steel air box, the one year warranty, a stainless steel airbrush bottle, three sets of two inch by two-inch glass panels, and the e Juice dose and flavors. One thing I did not like was that there were three sets of panels, but only one of them were etched which is why I’m not very happy with my purchase at this point. I recommend this product for anyone who wants a mod kit with a little bit of style.