What Are the Benefits of the Voopoo Drag and Tune Up Kit?

The https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/voopoo Drag Mod is a neat little dual battery mod, which uses the newly released 32-bit high-performance processors to deliver a precise, feature-rich vapor experience with all the expected power and variable wattage options (including TCR). The Voopoo Drag is designed for the user who wants advanced performance from their mods but still wants the reliability of a built in battery. The Voopoo is the perfect choice for anyone who wants all the benefits of a vaporizer, but does not want the weight and hassle of a handheld mod. This mod has an extremely lightweight, compact design and a large surface to place the mod case. It even has a USB charging port for those that do not have a brick and mortar electrical outlet nearby!

voopoo drag

The Voopoo utilizes a unique patented technology to deliver powerful vapors without sacrificing battery life. The patented Voopoo Drag Mod allows the user to switch from a cool mode to an advanced mod with full temperature control and variable airflow. The two settings allow the vapers to easily adjust to the perfect flavor for their individual needs. Once the mode has been selected, the user can power it up and enjoy a smooth, rich flavor that will leave the users mouths watering and wishing they had taken out more than just the e-liquid! The Voopoo Drag comes standard with two tubes, one shorter and one longer than the other, both are double walled to provide optimal flavor delivery.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

The Voopoo Rigs also includes a built in battery indicator, a variable voltage option and two firing buttons. The first firing button provides a very light touch for the user who would prefer to control the Voopoo directly from their computer. The second firing button offers the user a complete firing range from completely off to a powerful scorching roast. The user may change the level of heat on the front or back of the device by sliding the fire button closer or further from the front of the unit.

The Voopoo Rigs utilizes two standard batteries to power it. One battery is designed to be used in the event that the user runs out of power via either the USB port or the cigarette lighter plug. This specific battery can last from ninety minutes to two hours. The second battery is designed to be used in the event that the front tube should run out of power, the Voopoo will automatically switch over to the rear tube.

There are a few features that the Voopoo Rigs provides which makes the Voopoo Juice Pod superior to other similar products on the market. The first feature is that it includes a built in glass pod that is easy to wash and clean. Other pods have been known to fall out of your Jopen juice cart, creating a hassle for you.

The second feature to consider is the Voopoo Drag Mod. This feature allows users to easily change out their batteries when changing different sizes of bottles or jars. The built in glass window also allows easy viewing of what’s inside the Jopen pod tank by adjusting the visibility and light. This eliminates the need to use an external flashlight.

The third and final feature to look at is the fact that there are separate buttons for the front and back of the Jopen pod. These two buttons are used for adding e-liquid into the open by pushing the button on the side. The buttons on the side are used for selecting which liquid to add to the Jopen. Many other e-liquid kits only offer one button. The advantage to this is that you are able to easily use the Voopoo Rigs without having to continuously switch between the front and back end of the unit.

While these are all good features, the real benefit of the Voopoo Rigs and the Drag Mod is the internal battery pack. When it comes to longevity the drag upgrade is much superior to the Jopen. It is able to hold more e-liquid than the Jopen even when it is on full auto. So, if you’re looking for a way to go for a long time with your Rigs and Draggers then the internal battery is definitely worth checking out.