Can the elderly quit smoking with Vape?

1. What is vape?
It is mainly used to quit smoking and replace cigarettes. It has a similar taste to cigarettes, and even has a lot more flavor than ordinary cigarettes. It can also suck out smok, smell and feel like cigarettes. Vape does not contain other harmful ingredients such as tar and suspended particles in cigarettes. Manufacturers also believe that vape does not have diffuse or lingering second-hand smoke. It should be noted that vape does not have the effect of clearing lung toxins, and the statements about vape’s ability to clear lungs are all false and illegal propaganda.
2. Can the elderly really quit smoking with vape?
Smoking not only poisons smokers, but also poisons those around them through second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke. For this reason, mankind invented eleaf  vape (also known as electronic atomizer) to replace cigarettes and assist smoking cessation. Vape is mostly made into cigarettes. It contains nicotine, propylene glycol and some spices, which produces a cigarette-like taste, but does not contain harmful tar and suspended particles, and does not produce second-hand smoke. Although vape has a certain significance for people with severe addiction, the authoritative health agency believes that its role has yet to be confirmed, and doctors also pointed out that it has addiction problems.

The use of ijoy vape has not been supported by appropriate clinical trials. The World Health Organization (WHO) also holds a similar view, but does not deny that vape may help to quit smoking.
Thousands of chemical components are emitted after cigarettes are lit, many of which are toxic to humans, including 10 major carcinogens. In contrast, vape has only one toxic ingredient, nicotine, and does not produce obvious second-hand smoke, so it is easily accepted by the public. The nicotine of vape is unsafe, highly addictive, and can also increase blood pressure and increase atherosclerosis, although the nicotine of vape seems to have less cardiovascular effects than cigarettes.
Although vape has certain benefits in relieving addiction, it cannot meet the needs of severe addiction. And as long as the vape contains nicotine, it is still not a healthy product.
Therefore, the elderly can use vape as a means of quitting smoking, but beware of addiction. Elderly people should first know that vape itself cannot quit smoking, but vape can replace cigarettes. When you want to smoke, you can use timesvape instead, so that you can reduce your contact with cigarettes as much as possible. And slowly control the body’s absorption of nicotine, gradually reduce the dependence on nicotine, and finally achieve the goal of quitting smoking. This is the principle of vape smoking cessation and the smoking cessation theory of “Nicotine Replacement Therapy” recommended by the World Health Organization.
Knowing whether the elderly can quit smoking with vape, the editor reminds you that it is best ciga for the elderly to quit smoking as soon as possible for their health. The best way to quit smoking is to rely on their perseverance.

relx america vape pods herbva 5g nokiva vaporizer airistech switch herb review

Thanks to the beautiful Christina in the gifts of heaven for behold I airistech switch herb test kit with tank hive S.


Semi-mechanical Di …… Whaaaaaat! Baton Mod


That’s right folks, semi-mechanics is that the AIRISTECH call basically the Volt offers similar Mech mod is obtained but such protection integrated battery reverse, low voltage, short …. .yada bla, bla A Unlike most mods made except this one can not control the output voltage or power, just press a button and the vaporizer.


These types of mods have existed for some time, but not with the compatibility of 21,700 and 20,700 batteries. They also include an adapter, but whatevs 18650, give a good 21,700 babies love.


For single mod 21700, it is very compact and fits easily in the hand.

Compared to some of my other mods 21700 is stupid teeny tiny.


Even includes a dual LED that exists on both sides of the shutter button to indicate the battery status, green completely, then another color, I think the orange and red when it is low. LED come when the fire button so do not worry, it drains the battery at rest is pressed.


peasy easy operation, 5 clicks to enable or disable, then press the shutter button to get your vaporizer people.


looking for a sleek design and unbranded in the model, apart from the battery cover and gold-plated 510 having a fair amount of travel. Most tanks tried to sit nice and rinse share a couple with a length of 510 this little gap that can be seen when the light was behind her. pleasantly tank hive S that comes with the kit also has a small space.


the conical design is very good, measures 27 mm deep and 25 mm tapers at 510.


The battery cover is great with soft butter thread, the only problem I had was it was a delicate thread so it takes time to screw on and off, nitpicky sure, but I can not wait to notice such things.


He had a very good finish, do not place although in the pocket a few times and had a drop in my car, having a curved shape too quickly.




Since this is a “semi-mechanical Mod” I liken it to one of my hybrids 21700. Show new nokiva vaporizer that use the same batteries both Samsung 30T 21700. From the beginning, I can say Baton mod has not hit hard, you must be a voltage drop due to electronics. There is no big difference, but so real and all mods mech power decreases as the voltage drop. However, Baton was the player who for my use, no complaints and no once you give me a problem when the full moon, I got it.


Really much more to say about the performance, functions as most mechs with additional security features …. we go.


battery and charging


Battery life with her, trying to find a cutoff voltage battery never seems to arrive. I measured 3.25 volts when I arrived at red lights flashing LED in the shooting and brake mod. Of course, this will depend on its construction, for battery mods I want to use a single coil RTA and work swimmingly.


One thing has an advantage over the mech right is a USB port for charging passthrough worldwide. Always charge your battery in the charger instead of the mod, but when there is no choice that works very well for me, I can fill my car and still use.


Hive tank S


The S hive is small coil sub-standard mesh ohm their tank. Small 2 ml mean right and 3 ml glass bubble, not much capacity …. ugh.


The reasonable measure 24.5mm, 25mm how to match the top of the mod? It does not look bad, but 25mm will be much better IMO.


standard mesh coil, nothing special or configuration with two / three. two coils are obtained in the kit, there are both the same. Wicking is a mixture of wood pulp, cotton +.


baby animals are compatible and compared to the baby herbva 5g click in mesh coil has higher means higher air flow aperture, wide, was very broad, used to run the air stream it is half way closed.


as beautiful and kidney wrote a lot of juice, no problem filling these suckers.

Baton performance and other mods mod


At the start I made my usual practice for a gallon of beer watching football …… then I dropped a lot of juice falls into the first coils, fill the tank and let stand for 5 to 10 minutes to fully meet the coils . 5 to 10 beers later … errrr, I mean, when I started using the tank hive cool mod S 21700 Baton and hmmmm, 3 hits and drought, need another beer. It may require some time off? Continue to use and child could not get a few calls later came to the dry town, not diggin. We decided to take a shorter race and not much until I went through a full tank can then be broken? …….Do not do. The coils are rated for 50 watts maximum 0.30 volts and 4.2 ohms deliver that has made almost 59 watts, not too much, I think. So I decided to check the ohm ohm meter reading 12:27 a.m. and so 65 Watts arrived in a new battery. Obviously this does not work unless you only take 2 or 3 quick shots and second string vaped 3 or 4 times a series Max otherwise adjust again …. ugh.


Then put all the mod and find the sweet spot between 40 to 45 watts and since then is a viable tank with a sense of OK, 50 watts are likely to return to the affected area dry.


Ruffle tank is not bad, but not great tank. An error in the AIRISTECH to insert a coil which is considered too weak to work in full mod volts baton. Unless you’re the kind of person who took the first draw to wait one minute to make more works combined energy consumption for you. If you like chain vaporizer so good luck, I hope you also had a water bottle in hand and some throat lozenges to relieve raps.


Pro Mod Baton:


Carry 21700, 20700 and 18650 with included adapter

Easy to use, simply click 5 button to turn on or off and press the shutter button to vaporizer

security protection, including

These LEDs that indicate battery status

Nice and clean-mark with the mark on the plate 510 and under the battery cover

Nice and durable finish

Very compact for easy mod 21700

without cantilevered tank 25 mm

large battery use 21700 battery charging and intercommunication


Baton Mod Cons:


Tank having a length of 510 would leave a small gap

Battery wire timestamps about 12 open / closed half turns, the wire would be fun steed

Some voltage drop, do not expect the hybrid mechanical performance


Tank hive Pro S:


Large fill hole kidney shaped wind is filling

Try and screw completely, most of these accidents sliding open top tank in your pocket

Not a drop flee

Take the two-Ring and friction fit 810 drip tips

air flow ring has the perfect amount of voltage

Compatible animal baby coil


Tank against the hive S:


The coils are considered too weak to work well in Baton full voltage mod

taste good but not great, sub-Ohm market certainly better reservoir

2 ml capacity with a right lens that is understandable to the regs TPD but only 3 ml glass bubble

It works best in the range of 40 to 45 watts in the affected region 50 watts dry


final thoughts


As the kit I believe is a failure, the coil supplied with tanks S Hive work best at 40 to the full range of 45W, but the volt mod Baton is 65W was too coil handle. I love Baton mod, 21700 with good battery, USB charging step, long-lasting finish, simple and works well. Ruffle tank S, on the other hand, is not something I plan to use it again after my opinion, you can register for a gift for someone with a compatible coil best baby animals. Thinking that had more ohms subtank for gifts if Ruche S can join in 3 ml max sucks juice.


Baton sky vapeciga relx vape pods Kit with tank S has sold $ 49.60, but at this price, I buy it. I do not see MOD Baton sold separately, it is unfortunate if in the $ 30 to $ 35 I would consider buying it as a hitter mod, mods 21700 unique love for the city and around Baton worked well. I will continue Baton mod and use it for when you do not want to take my mods are more expensive for me, if I lost or damaged that would be furious. Not wanting to lose or damage Baton but less will not be as expensive to replace.


You will find the kit here: known to run frequent sales, do not think you will be happy with the stick in the morning. Colmena can be happy with S as well, just another mod approximately 45 watts max.



You can buy here: relx america