Smoant Mods – Best Vape of 2022

Smoant Mods

Those looking for a cheaper alternative to SMOK Mods should look into Smoant Mods. While they do not yet reach the level of Yihi or DNA, they are a worthy alternative. Smoant Mods have the same good looks, but don’t suffer from the same issues that SMOK mods do. Here is a look at some of the features of their mods.

The Smoant Charon is a dual 18650 battery mod. This device has a unique ergonomic design and supports VW and temperature control modes. Its unique design features an ergonomic handle and durable magnet back cover. It also has a firmware upgradeable feature, which allows users to change its settings and power level as they like. Smoant also gives their products a unique name, such as Charon the ferryman from Greek mythology.

The Smoant Cylon mod features a dual 18650 battery and is available in black or brown. Its diamond-shaped logo is on the back, and it has a single USB port for updating firmware and charging the cells. Unlike many other mods on the market, this model does not come with an atomizer, but it comes with all the necessary accessories to help you vape like a pro.

The Smoant Cylon mod stands 90mm tall and measures 32mm wide. It features a square side firing button that sticks out of the side of the mod and is clicky and has groove lines for extra grip. The Taggerz 200W TC Mod is a popular choice among Smoant customers and comes with two 18650 batteries. A mesh sheet coil, a prebuilt coil, or traditional crafted coils are all available.

The Ranker mod uses the same chipset as the Cylon mod, but it has a larger form factor. While the Ranker mod uses leather instead of wood, it has an angled display that can drive OCD people crazy. The Smoant Ladon is another excellent option for vaping enthusiasts looking for a compact mod. This device has an ergonomically designed, durable body. The dual 18650 battery provides up to 225W of output and supports 2A fast charging via the Type-C USB port. It features a buck-boost chip and an advanced AI smart ANT-chip.

The Charon Mini features a brighter display than the Cylon and Ranker mods, but the interface is identical to their big brothers. Its menu system is easy to navigate and will appeal to newcomers. Veteran Smoant users may experience a feeling of déjà vu when firing up the Charon Mini. They are both good choices and a great addition to the Smoant community. But before you purchase one, you should be aware of what the pros and cons are.

The Smoant Charon Mini features the largest color display in the vape industry. It has a lock button for security and vibrating virtual adjustment buttons. The Smoant Charon Mini is compatible with most popular vaping mods and features temperature control suites. These devices can be purchased for forty or fifty dollars and come in a kit with a battlestar tank. You can buy Smoant mods online or at a local vape store.

Smoant Mods are great for left-handed users. Their screen is angled so that the palm of the user can face the screen when using the mod. Despite the fact that 90% of the world is right-handed, Smoant mods do have left-handed friendly versions of their mods. However, Smoant isn’t the only manufacturer of mods made for left-handed vapers.

Smoant Mods are easy to use and have plenty of features. The Battlestar 200W TC mod is a powerful dual battery device that features a OLED display and a gold-plated 510 connection pin. It also comes with an array of compatible Smoant accessories. There’s no reason to settle for inferior products or a sluggish vape. This is the Smoant Mods review for you.

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