Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA Review

steam crave aromamizer plus v2

The Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA is a revolutionary self-winding atomizer that offers a great deal of customization. Its tank holds 8ml of e-liquid and features a pyrex glass and stainless steel construction. The atomizer also includes a number of tank section options that can expand the total capacity of your tank.

The Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus

V2 is available in two different capacities: the standard tank is 8mL and the Advanced kit offers an 8ml extension set. In addition to the two sizes, the Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2, also includes an adjustable juice flow control system.

The main difference between the Aromamizer Plus V2 and its predecessor is the juice flow control (JFC). The Aromamizer Plus V2 has a new JFC which is located in a more convenient location. Instead of being at the bottom of the tank, it sits right above the airflow control ring and the atomization chamber. While the JFC was in an awkward location in the original Aromamizer Plus, it did not affect the vape’s performance.